Garfield Senior High School


Hi my name is Christopher Torres. I am a student at Garfield High School, and I am in the 11th grade. I'm a very funny and nice person when you get to know me. I like to play video games, PS4 to be exact. On ps4 I mostly play GTA 5, and Black Ops 3, I rarely play Rainbow Six. I chose ps4 because I've been a PlayStation person since the longest. To me honestly PlayStation is way better than Xbox. My schedule is actually pretty simple. I start of my days by waking up, going to school, doing my homework. After, I finish my homework I then decide to play some Playstation 4 on Grand Theft Auto 5. Then I usually turn it off like at 10 or so to go to sleep for the next day. Also, if you want to add me it’s CTorres56. My birthday is on January the 26th. I have 2 brothers, one older than me, and one younger than me. I also have a little sister, she is now in the 3rd grade. My parents are really cool and chill. My big goal right now is to probably buy a car and learn much more. That’s it for me. If you would want to contact me at my email