LA River School


Jose Guerra is a senior attending Los Angeles River School. He is the senior class Vice President and is a member of Sotomayor ASB. He's still currently undecided on where he wants to attend college or what to major in. Although he might not know that yet he is still very excited but nervous about what life has to offer. One goal for Jose is to take his family and himself out of poverty. He wants to make his family and himself enjoy life without having to worry about money. Jose has 2 sisters- Daisy and Brianna. He likes to go out with them but at times can't stand looking at them. Jose's hobbies are photography and filmmaking and editing. Jose has Mexican roots so it's in his blood to love spice and eat it in all foods. A few dishes he can't live without are enchiladas, sopes, posole, and Chinese food. Jose is also a dog lover. He has a dog named “Max” who is his best buddy. Jose looks up to his grandparents dearly. His grandparents have always showed a lot of love and positivity no matter the situation.