Daniel Pearl Magnet High School


Hey friend! My name is Rachel Bullock and I go to Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, I am a photo editor for DPMHS media, and I have been a prefect for the Clemens house since sophomore year. First and foremost there is more to my name than Rachel. I am named after my great-grandmother, my first name can be found in the bible in the book of Genesis, and Rachel in general means 'ewe' which is a female sheep. As a Christian I follow my Lord and shepherd Jesus so I believe that my name suits me. I love to read, write, and draw. I listen to lots of different types of music (primarily soft rock or contemporary Christian songs though). Generally, I describe my style of music to be the kind you'd hear at the end of movies. My interests include that of volcanology, geology, and forestry. I also desire to get more into anatomy and physiology or even astrology if I can at some point in the future. Sports I have been involved in are basketball and soccer, but I am only really good at softball. I identify as a conservative republican, but I have immense respect for liberals, democrats, and all others alike. We are all people, after all. Regarding my journalistic works, I am generally objective in fact-based stories such as news briefs, but I am also not afraid to write an opinion piece as a response to a news piece to highlight certain aspects that are morally inclined to what I believe. As a student, I strive to maintain my grades and do my best in school so I can get into a good college. I take advanced courses at my school such as APs and Honors for various subjects as well as college classes to start working towards a pre-picked Masters (in Biology (MS)) with a minor in journalism. Needless to say, I'm thorough and goal-oriented. I strive to become a Chief Park Ranger one day and am planning on attaining the degree to effectively and efficiently achieve that. That being said, I take great pride in my work and always do the best I can. If you need to reach her professionally or just want to talk, she’s there for you at rbullock725.evereverafter@gmail.com. Have a great day and God Bless.