Harvard-Westlake High School

Saba Nia

Saba Nia is a student journalist at Harvard-Westlake and loves all things related to writing and self-expression. Due to her boundless curiosity and debilitating lack of time management, Saba currently serves as an Assistant News Editor for The Chronicle and has been involved in every single publication that exists at her school (except for yearbook) from the science news magazines to literary publications and all the way back to the seventh grade newspaper club. When she is not drowning in letters and blatantly ignoring word counts, Saba likes to swim, read, write, draw, and – when she gets the chance – sleep. She is a member of her school's community service organization, Community Council, and is responsible for planning and coordinating all outreach opportunities. Saba is immensely fascinated with the world and how people interact, and is hoping to combine her love of philanthropy with biology and journalism in the future. Her favorite classes usually relate to science and the humanities, with psychology being her current fave.