Beverly Hills High School

The longest good morning in SoCal

Dan Moroaica is anything but regular. The AP Government and AP US History teacher begins every morning with a resounding “good morning,” holding on to the “o” sound as if a calling a game winning soccer goal.

“If I’m not in a positive mood, students can sense that,” he said. “The trick is, even on your worst days, to carry a smile and yell a good morning and find the silver linings in whatever the day might be.”

Outside of class, Moroaica is the lead guitarist for garage-punk band Cirkumvent (yes, with a K). Moroaica consistently delivers his students with a daily dose of both weirdness and joy. While one might find him “nerding out” over Star Wars or enthusiastically professing his incredible knowledge of American history and government, he never fails to maintain high spirits and emanate positive energy that can be felt miles away.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 11.21.32 AM

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