Photo Courtesy of WRCM
California School of the Arts

WRCM: Healing through music

Despite everyone telling students that they should try to leave their mark on the world or help others, we often find it difficult to figure out how. Between being too young to be heard, juggling the demands of school and teenage angst, sometimes it is easy to fall into thinking that we don’t even have time to help ourselves, much less change the world. However, one such organization proves to students that they can combine all their different talents to accomplish something together.

On Dec. 3, members of World Relief Chamber Music gathered together at the World Vision Headquarters in Monrovia for their 12th annual fundraising concert to help children impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

World Relief Chamber Music (WRCM) was founded in 2001 by a group of music-loving students. It allows students from different cities grades four to twelve to use their talents to help those in need around the world. Collaborating with World Vision, all funds raised by WRCM are given to World Vision to assist those in need. In addition, WRCM organizes performances for senior centers, spreading love and their mission of healing through music.

In the past, WRCM has also raised money to help those in Haiti, Nepal, the Philippines and Ecuador, raising a total of over $88,000 in donations.

cleardot WRCM: Healing through music
nkn 1924 WRCM: Healing through music
Photo Courtesy of WRCM

“The most important lesson we hope students take away from the experience is how to care, how to empathize, and the importance of teamwork,” WRCM director Tammy Wang says.

This year, WRCM put together a unique program that showcased various talents, from science tricks to dance and musical performances, raising over $14,000 for those still struggling from the aftermaths of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, the costliest tropical cyclone on record.

Rehearsing together every other week since the end of August, members learned how to apply their leadership skills, work together, and the impacts of combining efforts and talents to help others. The leadership group worked together to ensure that the fundraising website worked smoothly, organized small group performances, and hosted the performance, giving the audience a fully engaging experience.

“WRCM is all about the three C’s,” Ms. Wang says. “Consensus, commitment, and collaboration. These students spend 40 to 50 hours getting ready for this and it takes an immense amount of agreement, commitment and collaboration towards a common goal to put this all together.”

“I think one of the most important lessons I’ve gotten out of WRCM is the importance of teamwork,” senior Krystal Mach says. “Without it, none of this would have happened.”

“My favorite part of WRCM was probably also the teamwork,” junior Garen Chen agrees. “It really allowed different people with different talents to come together for a [common] goal.”

As a new member of WRCM this year, I was amazed by how WRCM brought students of different backgrounds together to combine their talents, showing us that even as students, we can still contribute to the world and community around us.

“It has always been my passion to help people. WRCM allows me to expand my passion worldwide,” Ms. Wang says. And through WRCM, she has spread that passion towards many students, enabling us to experience the power of giving as well, showing us that though we may be young, we still have the power to give and make an impact.

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