East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Big dream small girl for this future navy enlistee and doctor

Maya Berlynn Torres is a 17-year-old senior attending East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy.

After graduation, she is expecting to enlist in the U.S. Navy. She wants to be a doctor in the navy and college after completing her service to become a doctor.

Berlynn is choosing to serve in the navy because protecting the citizens of the U.S. is a privilege and not everyone can do it. She became interested in joining the navy at the age of 15; the fact of helping people who are wounded and saving their lives is something she always wanted to do.

She first wanted to be a doctor at the age of 10 because she always been into the medical field.

East L.A. has always been a place where she wanted to get out of and knows she could have always been able to with college, but the navy gives her a chance to do schooling and work at the same time.

She’ll be getting out of East L.A. knowing she’ll be doing something better for herself.

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  • Reply unclesmrgol February 3, 2017 at 11:14 pm

    If Ms. Torres hasn’t already, she should consider asking a California Congressperson or Senator for a nomination for the Naval Academy. See https://www.usna.edu/Admissions/Steps-for-Admission/Nomination-Sources/US-Senators-Representatives-and-Delegates.php


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