East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

East Los Angeles: Just a small community

I live in East Los Angeles. It’s a sunny place. It is warm during any season.

I go to East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy (ELARA). It’s such a wholesome school. I have grown to like my school.

I don’t know much about my neighborhood, but I do know some parts about it. There are houses, a church, and small markets. The church has been there for a long time. It started as a garage in 1922. A pastor later had plans to build a school between 1947-1951.

There is a market on my street on Floral Drive that has been closed before I was born. It has never opened to this day.

There are some houses with dogs on their lawn. I sometimes smell dog feces; I’m glad I don’t step on it.

I don’t go to the church that is near my school because I don’t go to church. I sometimes go to the small market on East Hammel Street and North Record Avenue to buy some snacks or a drink. I also have a small conversation with the owner at some point.

I normally only walk to school and back home, which is why I don’t know all about my community. I just focus on going home and going to school. Sometimes I take a detour to the market when I have money.

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