East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Our roots are planted here

East Los Angeles has been my hometown for my entire life. Being born and raised here has been a unique experience, compared to other places I have lived in. I’m indecisive about my perspective of East L.A. The negative and positive attributes balance out. There are gangs over here, but there is also a sense of security because of the strong police force.

My family history in California started in my Grandmother’s house and still goes on. ­­­­Aside from her house, I have lived in a variety of places. From Downtown L.A. to Hawthorne, Long Beach to South Gate, even from Oklahoma to Texas. All these places are nothing like ­­­East L.A. because each place is diverse in its own way and has different types of community.

East Los Angeles is important to my family because we have planted our roots in this community and have never settled in any other place. My grandmother really wanted to live here to be with other family members, and because of the affordable housing and abundant resources.

Growing up in this community has had a history of negative outcomes for my family. But, for me, I feel as if the negativity is what drives me to try to make a better life out this experience here. I could definitely say that East L.A is gradually improving in a lot of areas. For the next generation, I am hopeful there will be better experiences and lifestyles.

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