East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Quick Read: Alex’s Burgers

Alex’s Burgers is on Olympic and Fetterly. It is by a Catholic Church called San Francisco and a mechanic. Once you get there, all you smell are burgers, chicken and fries. When you walk in it’s refreshing because they have the air conditioning on all day. Later at  night you hear and see families talking and laughing. You also see people going for dinner after work. Many men go there to watch the basketball, football, baseball and soccer games. I found out about this place because I go to the church across from it. My confirmation class had to do community service hours and when it was time for us to go to lunch, we would go across the street to Alex’s Burgers to get pastrami chili cheese fries. The second connection I have to this landmark is that around September every year, my family has guests over for a soccer tournament in Ontario. Usually when we get back the teens are hungry and tired, so we go to Alex’s Burgers since it’s the closest place to my house. Alex’s Burgers is known for its chili-cheese fries and low prices.

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