East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

The East L.A. eats

There was once a family who decided to open a business in East Los Angeles not knowing it would turn into a successful franchise throughout California with two of them based right here in East Los Angles.

The bustling of cars on Atlantic and Whittier Boulevards, the smell of the delicious birria and the never-ending chattering of customers and workers as they squeeze by each other in perfect chaotic harmony, Chalio’s Birrieria is a great symbol of unity in East L.A.

If you wake up early enough on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you will see the line of people outside waiting to dine in this magnificent restaurant that preserves great Mexican recipes and traditions.

My favorite dish at the restaurants is El Burrito De Chile Verde, which is a burrito with meat of your choice, rice and beans drowned in green chile with melted cheese piled on top, a dish to truly die for.

Chalio Torres, the owner, can be found within the store greeting and holding conversations with his customers as people can’t help but fall for his charismatic personality as he recommends a new dish. He understands and respects everyone’s struggle because he once was just another man in East L.A., and now he and his restaurant chain are renowned for their hospitality and great eats.

So if you’re ever around make sure to stop by and grab a delicious bite of Mexican culture.

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