HS Insider: IRL

High School Insider is a community of over 2000 students from over 200 schools across the Southern California (with a sprinkling of dedicated Insiders contributing from as far as Iowa and Vermont). Simply put, we don’t get to meet each other in real life enough.

So we’re introducing High School Insider: IRL, a quarterly event that will give Los Angeles Insiders the opportunity to mingle with other young storytellers.

Each IRL will be centered around a topic chosen by students. The focuses will range from immigration to gender equality. Reporters from the LA Times newsroom will make special appearances to meet and talk with students in a casual setting.

The inaugural IRL will take place on July 23rd from 12pm-4pm at Grand Park in Downtown LA, only a few blocks from home base (the LA Times building)! The meet-up will revolve around “The College Question,” which encompasses all things college – from the application process to financial aid to mess hall food. The first 25 students to sign up for IRL using the Google Form below will earn the opportunity to cover and attend the Times-hosted Hamilton Ideas Exchange at the Pantages with the masterminds behind the hit musical on August 14th!

Before the event, take a look at this article from The Atlantic, which covers some controversial aspects of the college application process, and think about some questions or comments you have based on the piece.

Most importantly, this event is about meeting other passionate, awesome students who share your interests. Let’s all make some new friends! Sign up below.

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