Raise your voice!

While most students aren’t eligible to vote this election, the issues affecting them are important and here to stay. What is the first issue you would like the next president to focus on while in office? What issue is the most important to you? LGBTQIA rights? Fair wages? Abolishing standardized testing? What about an issue you see at your school? Address your future president in a short letter, video, or voice recording to raise an issue that matters to you. See what matters to other students here.

Important Information

Begin your letter, video, or audio recording with the phrase, “Dear future president,” and end with your name, school, and city or county of residence.

Focus on one key issue. Choose an issue that holds personal significance and explain its relevance to your life.

Written memos should be written in the first person, include your own personal insight, and be written with a flare of passion. Make it unique to yourself.

Keep it short and sincere. Six to eight sentences of text or 15 to 45 seconds of video or audio.


1.  Click here to fill out a Google form with your general information, a headshot, whether you are submitting a video, text, or audio file and  a draft of your written memo or script to be reviewed by the Student Advisory Board.

2. Once you submit it, a student leader will contact you over email or text message with feedback. If your memo is written, the student leader will help publish your work. If your memo is video or audio, the student leader will send you a guide for recording a professional memo on your phone.

3. Once your piece is complete, student leader will help post your message on HS Insider and send you a link once published.

*Note: if you are producing an audio or video memo, do not record until you have gotten feedback from a student leader.


My message: Make my parents part of my country

screen shot 2016 09 15 at 8 40 15 pm Raise your voice!

My message: Allow me the same fearless dreams as young men

My message: Let my multicultural family flourish

nina elkadi Raise your voice!

“As a first-generation American with a European mother and an African father, it’s alarming to see xenophobia becoming a social norm. The leader of the United States should make it one of their goals to create a community that fosters the growth of this so called “melting pot.” Moreover, I am looking forward to having a leader that encourages the acceptance of all people, not just a group they deem worthy.”

If you have any further questions, please contact the project lead, Kyle Finck, at kyle.finck@latimes.com.

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