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Last weeks in Barça…

Well, my entire Barcelona trip is over… In the last weeks I never had time to post due to the amount of activities we had, but I’m here to cover it all up and show you what we did.

During the second week was when I started to make my close friends. It was good because I spent the last half of my time in Barcelona with them, and I still talk to them today!

So also in that same week we took a trip to Girona, a beautiful city that I also got to fangirl over because that’s where they filmed a part of the one and only show *drum roll* “GAME OF THRONES!”

The view was gorgeous:

img 9913 1 Last weeks in Barça...
My teacher told me that they filmed a scene of GOT on these steps, but since I’m not all caught up it’s not too familiar. Apparently it was surrounded by water in the show:

img 9925 1 Last weeks in Barça...
Anyway, it doesn’t matter… As long as I got to step where Kit Harington did… (Noooo, I don’t have a crush on him…)

After that trip, we were taken to the “magical” fountain of Montjuïc, where the fountain lights up at night and there’s beautiful music. It is also where Freddie Mercury sang when the Olympics took place in Barcelona:

img 9952 1 Last weeks in Barça...
We ended the second week with a much anticipated trip on my part; Camp Nou, which is the FC Barcelona team stadium!

img 9985 1 Last weeks in Barça...

I think my excitement is quite visible in this picture:

img 9982 1 Last weeks in Barça...
I couldn’t go out empty-handed either. So, temptation got a hold of me and I bought a Piqué jersey!

Next up were the towers of Castellers, an annual Spanish tradition that is better known as the “human towers.” Honestly I don’t think you can watch this happen without having your heart beat out loud. Families gather together and literally climb on top of each other to the point where you can see them shake:

img 0031 Last weeks in Barça...
Week three, and I finally got to see Parc Guell. It is a park created by Gaudi that my English teacher suggested I go see and I do not regret it in the least (thank you Mrs. Robinson)!

img 0092 1 Last weeks in Barça...
Later on that week we hiked the mountains of Montserrat, the most strenuous hike of my life (no, I’m not exaggerating):

img 0202 Last weeks in Barça...
The ground made it extremely hard to walk and by the time we finished the hike I was soaking from sweat (gross, but true).

And to end the trip… *drum roll again* THE SAGRADA FAMILIA!

img 0246 Last weeks in Barça...

I came previously to the Sagrada a solid eight years ago, when they told me it would all be finished in a long 80 years. But during this trip the guide told me that they only needed ten and it would be over. Given what they still need to completely ten doesn’t seem like much, I can tell you that.

img 0250 Last weeks in Barça...img 0252 Last weeks in Barça...
The inside was beautiful. Lights shined through the stained glass windows and made everything inside look very colorful and pretty. Definitely worth the wait!

Fast forward to the last night, and tears were shed because of the goodbyes. No one slept that night; everyone stayed up, saying goodbye to one another before their flights left. My eyes became so red and puffy at the end of the day they hurt.

I will miss the experience and everyone I met here. It was amazing and a great opportunity.

Until next time, Barça!

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