LA River School

My message: Make all votes count

Dear future president,

I believe in democracy, but I also believe there are many flaws we need to address. One of the major problems is the electoral college and how it undermines millions of voters.

The electoral college has always been a winner-takes-all system, so if you are a Republican in a Democratic state, your vote is worthless and vise versa. Luckily I am a Democrat in a Democratic state, but I know some people who are Republican and do not vote because they feel like their vote doesn’t matter.

Currently we have two states that do not follow the winner takes all rule, Nebraska and Maine. These states divide their votes by congressional district and I believe this method of voting is wiser because it brings into account many more voters within each state.

I am aware of the difficulty to create and pass an amendment of such magnitude however I believe you can bring awareness and inspire individual states to change their voting method to be more like Maine and Nebraska.


Abraham Hernandez

LA River School

Los Angeles, Calif.

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