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Opinion: Obamacare should not be replaced

President Donald Trump said on his first speech to congress on Jan. 11 that he will pursue and waste no time on bringing down Obamacare. He speaks of making America better and doing changes to the state. He argues that while the process is running of repealing Obamacare the congress will not get in his way.

CNN politics added “It won’t lose any coverage for those people right away.” Although the process isn’t as easy as he thinks it may seem.

Brian Fortune, president of the Farragut Square Group, says that “The challenge for the Republicans is of course, to rework something without getting blamed for all the downstream effects.” Trump is working up with the issues to processing the work quickly in order to receive a better result.  Do you stop and wonder if he only thinks of himself while working the differences?

I am concern that people who have applied and received the help of Obamacare are worried of what is going to happen next. For those citizens who are afraid deserve an answer and a voice. I have a friend whose parents have Obamacare and they are full of terror, but I let him know that everything is going to be fine if he carries faith.

What good will bring if he gets rid of medical health insurance program? What do others think about what he is planning to do. How will the process run fast when it all takes time. It matters to those people who have the health insurance and deserve to have a voice.

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  • Reply unclesmrgol February 4, 2017 at 12:02 am

    Obamacare has not been a friend to the young nor those without insurance, other than some with existing illnesses. The premise of Obamacare was that by requiring all people (except illegal aliens, who are legally not allowed to purchase Obamacare policies) to purchase insurance, the costs would be driven downward. What has happened instead is that the healthy young the insurers wanted to have buy policies have turned out to be smarter than thought — they are not buying policies, and so those with preexisting conditions are not having their costs covered by the healthy young. As a result, insurers are losing money and are exiting the various state exchanges set up under Obamacare in record numbers. Even for those who have purchased policies, the prices have gone up over 20% per year, and deductibles — both family and individual, have increased. My employer group policy has remained the same in cost since Obamacare started, but my deductibles have more than doubled — from $2,500 per person to $6,500 per person. On average, my healthcare now has out-of-pocket costs double what it was two years ago. Am I a happy camper? No. But what I detest the most is that those who invented this knew exactly what would happen, and did it anyway. They are using this as a stepping stone to what is called “single payer” — where there is only one insurer, the Government. Now, you might think that will cure a lot of ills, but the Government has previously had “single payer” in the form of the Veterans Administration, and you can google Veterans Administration Scandal to see what happened there. Do you really want a government which treated veterans so callously being responsible for your well being? I don’t. We may disagree on this, but that’s my opinion in counter to yours.


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