Mark Keppel High School

Lil’ me: A reflection

The featured image you see above was taken at the Museum of Latin American Art. It was etched on the wall of a funny little exhibit called En Visión: Picturing the Self, which works to motivate teenage girls through photography. While I don’t have much to tell my future self, I definitely have a thing or two to say to lil’ Jamie. With that said…

Hi, Jamie. I’m directing this to 6th grade you because I think this is when reality hit you for the first time. I’m not going to tell you the specifics of what you’re going to go through– live and learn. You’ll gain from it. However, I will nod off a few tips in your direction.

20170717 114957 hdr Lil me: A reflection
Selfie//Jamie Chau

You have a very bad habit for rolling your eyes at cliché sayings. When people tell you that hard work pays off, believe them. It’s going to take you six or so years to believe this, unfortunately. But right now, I’m an intern at the Los Angeles Times, and copy editor and historian for the Mark Keppel Aztec. I worked really hard to get these roles, and because of that, they’re two of the most awesome things in my life.

Moving on. Popularity doesn’t matter. Surprise, surprise. This will bother you up till the middle of your sophomore year. But you’re going to meet several caring, amazing friends, and you’ll realize that they’re more than enough. (And let me just tell you– your best friend is going to literally redefine your views on “best friend.”)

You’re also going to feel lost a lot. School will slaughter you, the daunting idea of growing up will horrify you, and sometimes you’ll feel completely dead inside, but really, it’s okay. Stick with your gut, do what you love (hint: writing, YouTubing, sleeping), and it’ll play out. But to be fair, I will warn you about having anxiety. You’ll manage though.

Here’s another thing. Your parents will nag. You will get annoyed. You just will. It’s inevitable. Nonetheless, you’ll love your family just the same. And here’s something for you to look forward to– DOGS. Yep, you’ll have two furry devils skidding across the house, and quite frankly, you’ll love them no matter how many times you need to pick up their poop.

I guess I’m just trying to say that you’re gonna do pretty well. Like I said in the beginning, you don’t like hearing clichés. But sooner or later you’ll find that majority of them are pretty true. Well, you of all people know how bad I am with conclusions, so I’ll just end this here.

Good luck, me.

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