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My message: Stop abortions

Dear future president,

Our Constitution states, “…all men are created equal, that they are endowed… with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

The foundation of what is considered today to be the most advanced country in the world was laid upon the ideal of life. Its advancements are all products of that, including you and me. Abortion deprives our world of potential contributions to it. And though the facade appeals to the public as “the choice of the women,” it concretely is a choice between murder and life, and thus should be faced with the same consequences as murder. With your initiation, abortion can be illegalized for the good of the country and for the sake of its growth.

Contrary to popular belief, life starts the moment of conception when– biologically, if not politically– the 23 female chromosomes join with the 23 male chromosomes to create a unique human being (as defined by a distinct DNA). The growing takes a little longer, but the existence is undebatable (McDonald 1).

As of 2016, “43 percent of women of reproductive age… have an abortion by age 45,” a Washington Post article states (Lee 1). Even more striking, every 30 seconds, a human is aborted, making for roughly 1.21 million abortions every year (Abortion Death Toll 1, Guttmacher 1). That is, by the time you’re through reading this letter, 20 or so human deaths will have taken place by the hand of paid, certified medics. Moreover, annually, 21 percent of all U.S. pregnancies end in abortions by women’s requests, the highest abortion count being California’s, with roughly 182,000 abortions in 2015– accounting for 17 percent of all U.S. abortions (Abort73, 2-3). It seems that the more populated an area, the less educated a mass becomes of the ways of pregnancy prevention, thus the more unwanted pregnancies, and the more support (by default necessity) of ridding oneself of its outcome.

Most importantly, the No. 1 cause of death in the U.S. as of this second is by far abortion, and still there is the irony of people’s neglect to acknowledge it as such. By the U.S.’s realtime death toll, abortion takes the lead with 837,000 deaths this year (since Jan. 1, 2016, as of October 5, 2016); heart disease is considerably behind with 460,000, and cancer is third with 450,000 (Death Toll 1).

When asked to give reason for the abortion, as of 2016, 98 percent of all women having had one or more procedures alluded to the personal inconvenience of having and raising a child (the idea of adoption never mentioned). Though many women advocating abortion use rape as their leading argument, that is a circumstance well under 1 percent, and statistically incomparable to the 98 percent aforementioned (not to say that rape is of less magnitude at all) (Robert 1). For the most part, women’s own “electives” cause abortion; then why do their products suffer the consequences?

Aside from the injustice of the child’s terminated existence, U.S. Health News states, “Infertility affects roughly 12 percent of people of reproductive age in the United States, or about 7.3 million women and their partners” (Andrews 1). That is about a quarter of the percentage of women having abortions present day. When there are women trying fruitlessly to conceive, is it fair that others’ responsibilities highlight the disparity and support it through their premeditated extermination?

Live Action News author Kristen Hatten shares a personal story she defends to be widely relatable, “In the United States alone, there are millions of women like me, spending at least some of their waking life in an agony of anxiety and longing and hope and prayer and grief, trying everything from herbal supplements to special lubricants to expensive pills to having holes drilled in their ovaries to get pregnant. They obsessively pee on sticks to the point that it becomes a literal addiction, and many of them suffer repeated, heart-wrenching miscarriages.” She continues, “Meanwhile, every day, 125,000 women a day pay a doctor to murder the miracle we would literally give our right arms for” (Hatten 3).

And no, abortion is not a matter of resources, victimizations, rape, or religion. The same clinics and hospitals women rush to “to get the newfound burden off their chests” also all primarily offer birth control in more than ten different methods to fit any and all women’s (and many men’s) preferences. Many of these centers– more than 10,000 free clinics are spread extensively throughout the U.S, in addition to the infamous Planned Parenthood centers, which make up for about another 750 opportunities– offer free options for both genders (Michelle-Hanson 3).

The probability of failure with most birth control is near none, especially when paired with condoms and techniques (Bedside 1). That goes to say, if there is prevention, why do women still choose remedial measures? Are we, as a nation, that irresponsible for our actions? Or are we simply insufficiently knowledgeable on the preventive possibilities? There are ways we can all be more educated on preventing unwanted pregnancies so that we avoid making a child take the blame.

Which leads to the topic of rape. Yes, atrocities occur with no valid justifications and to people who do not deserve them (or their aftermath). However, if one person has been irreversibly harmed, changed, should another pay his/her life as a repercussion for an action he/she had no control over? And without stepping foot into the world? What about adoption? The strain on a child-bearer is immense, undoubtedly, but is it so much so that annihilation becomes the last resort? And, no, individuals do not have to be religious to see the truth in the matter. I myself am speaking as an atheist having grown up taught to take blame, credit, and overall responsibility for my actions. Ethics do not characterize religion, and vice versa. We, as a nation of diverse backgrounds, should stand together to realize what hurts our country, and we, as a nation, should stand together to mend the damage. If we continue to stand for ourselves and ourselves only, we deprive the prospective, the impotent, and truly, everyone else as well by obliterating life after life.

As long as women have the “choice”– which not only to be reliant upon as a backup, but which to be also proud of because of society’s uneducated, upstanding promotion in the matter– they will choose what is simplest for them; compassion and ethics have altogether lost their priority, as evidenced by the statistics, by media, by uprising centers, by law.

We not only enable, but promote the purposeful annihilation of the mere chance– right– of life. You are here today, breathing, reading this. You have come unbelievably far, you have earned your stance in the world. Because of you, this country may prosper or it may fail. You make the decisions.

You wouldn’t be able to do anything, be anyone, affect anyone, if a being– for whatever the sake– decided against your existence, would you? But as long as it is “politically correct,” it’s okay, right?

No. Each and every individual starts with the same priceless, unalienable worth. What each one makes out of that is up to him/her and, undoubtedly, our society’s influence upon him/her. But completely depriving a life of a chance at realizing this worth is not only unjustifiable, it is unjust.

Together, however, with your help, we can end the social, ethical, and even visible destruction of our country. We must stand by our founding values if we wish to prosper intranationally and internationally. Through more funding of pregnancy prevention and the illegalization of abortion (as parallel to murder), we can construct our world and build it greater than it has ever been by the uprise in individual, diverse contributions to it.

With your feet on this world’s grounds (and your capabilities innumerable), you are here today. And if you deserve to be alive, why don’t others?


Celine E. Gimpirea

New Media Magnet at Hollywood High School

Hollywood, Calif.

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