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‘Tell it like it is’: Liberal ‘political-correctness’ culture is a myth

When responding to the right’s claims of the left being too “politically correct,” the left has often mistakenly portrayed political correctness as positive, inadvertently agreeing that they are politically correct. If the right’s definition of political correctness existed, it would be undesirable for open and honest debate—but the idea of political correctness polluting liberalism is about as imaginary as Donald Trump’s presidential capabilities.

Political correctness is understood to be language measured to not offend any societal group. This language easily becomes harmful when one avoids “telling it like it is,” but that is not the case with liberals.

What conservatives will never admit is that the language they claim is suppressed will never keep the public from knowing the truth of anything, except how bigoted conservatives are. Trump has mocked a disabled reporter, flatly stated that Mexican immigrants are rapists, said that a judge was unqualified due to his Mexican heritage, and demeaned the Muslim parents of a deceased Purple Heart decorated soldier —and he’s just their leader.

When liberals avoid saying these things, they do not damage public political awareness, but improve it. Demeaning and marginalizing various groups of people is never a viable solution to national issues, and when people are told otherwise, they become less politically aware. Historically, scapegoating has always served to distract attention from the real causes of a country’s problems.

The words taken at face value can never be true, either. Stereotypes of minorities as inherently criminal, nepotistic, oppressive spouses or parents, unpatriotic— or simply as unable to be part of American culture—are by definition gross generalizations that do not belong in a fact-based political debate. One exception (and there are millions) disproves such a notion. By not being bigoted, liberals are not avoiding “telling it like it is,” they’re avoiding lying.

Political correctness accusations also show unprecedented (or un-presidented?) hypocrisy. Recently, the most visible attempts at censorship came from conservatives, and especially Trump. Hillary Clinton received massive backlash after her “deplorables” comment, where she called out Trump supporters on their prejudiced attitudes (judging from how they cheered on Trump’s discriminatory rhetoric, she was completely right). Trump insulted individuals ranging from the “Hamilton” cast to Meryl Streep after they criticized him—as one has the constitutional right to do, and which he should get used to if he plans to last a day as president. Apparently, Trump expects his opponents to tolerate his attacks, but can’t take any criticism himself without a temper tantrum that would embarrass a 5 year old.

By being what opponents call “politically correct,” liberals avoid misleading the public about those who are ultimately just as much Americans. On the other hand, conservatives don’t only lie to the people, but to themselves about having the moral high ground.

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  • Reply unclesmrgol March 11, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    In your statements, I have learned that (a) I am bigoted, (b) I lie — or at the very least, am untruthful. So, how are you disproving a point in the debate — that gross generalizations that do not belong in a fact-based political debate — when you make those same generalizations in the bulk of your commentary?

    There are many kinds of conservatives in this country. Some believe that our schools are not teaching our children the skills they will need to make a living, and are instead being used as sinecures for badly performing teachers. Some believe that the government’s intrusion into the real estate marketplace has raised prices to the point where their children cannot afford to by what they could by when they were their childrens’ age. Some believe that government loans to students to allow “everyone” to attend college has caused tuition and fees to rise at about four times the rate of inflation, and as a consequence are reducing students to indentured servants for years afterward as they attempt to pay off their loans. Some believe that abortion murders a human being — a point well founded in science. Some believe that illegal aliens who have committed crimes in America are the only ones who should be deported, while others believe that anyone here illegally should be deported. Some believe that a strong military is essential for the defense of all the rights we enjoy, and others believe that a strong military is something which the Government could use against its own citizens. Some believe that their jobs can only be saved if the Government raises tariffs and attempts to keep jobs in country — a method which has been shown to be successful or to fail depending on the industry. Some believe that the First Amendment is absolute, and others believe that speech should be curtailed for any of a number of seemingly good reasons.

    There are many kinds of conservatives, just as there are many kinds of progressives, but there are only two parties in the United States — not the dozens which would arise if every issue was an ultimate wedge issue. So we are stuck with one party as the party of the progressives, and the other party as the party of conservatives. In this last election, Ms. Clinton flew from coast to coast talking to supporters there, while flying over the people who ultimately voted against her and thus denied her the Presidency. Mr. Trump on the other hand ignored the coasts and talked to the interior of America about what that interior was most concerned — jobs. And he won. Does that mean that close to half the people in the United States (a) are bigoted, and (b) lie?


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