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Indiana baby drop-off law: Good for the safety of infant or insulting to women?

A baby’s lifestyle is always decided by its caretaker. Some end up living in a more comfortable way than others. Some live without homes. Some live without parents. It’s revolting to believe that the reason many infants end up suffering the unfortunate events of such is due to being abandoned by their own mother or father. The state of Indiana took a cautious notice to this matter on May 2 when they passed “The Indiana Safe Haven Infant Protection Act,” or otherwise known as the “Indiana Safe Haven Law.”

This law allows a distressed parent to give up an unwanted infant safely, legally, and anonymously to any emergency room, fire station, or police station in Indiana without the fear of arrest or prosecution. After the baby is dropped off the child is put into custody of the Indiana Division of Family & Social Services Administration, which places the infant in a foster or pre-adoptive home.

Christian Guiterrez, a sophomore in Tech & Media magnet, argues both sides of the controversy that has come up about this law.

“This law is reasonable and can be extremely helpful. I’m sure,” said Guiterrez. “However, this will result in numbers of children increasing in foster homes and orphanages. The foster care system is broken where kids aren’t treated correctly and many end up getting abused or end up in jail. If a baby drop off is only going to leave an unwanted child in an unwanted place then why not just make abortion legal?”

Elizabeth Solis, a freshman in Justice, Law & Service, argues, “This law seems helpful and brilliant. If a baby is going to be abandoned, the parent might as well place the baby in good care rather than a garbage can. Abandonment is inevitable and sometimes not everybody has the opportunity to abort therefore this law ensures the safety of the infant.”

Though this law does provides sanctuary for innocent children, many students like Jose Perez, a senior in Tech & Media magnet, argue, “This law is treating babies like materialistic items. They aren’t library books that you just drop off when you’re done. They are human beings with pumping hearts and vibrant brains. This law makes me realize how disgusting and heartless the world can be.”

This law in Indiana is only the beginning of the controversy that still continues to occur with abortion.

“This law is good and bad. Good because regardless of the ugliness that comes with abandoning a child, the child is being taken care of. This could save the life of an infant and that infant can grow to be successful and happy. I’ve seen it before,” said senior Vivian de Anda. “However, if this law exists then women should obtain the right to have an abortion. Some mothers abandon or give up their child because they can’t afford to feed them or are unable to take care of them, not because they don’t want them. Both of these options, the Indiana law and abortion law, should be legal in the nation.”

The baby drop off law is ultimately progress towards ensuring the safety of infants. If this law passed in one state, it can soon spread to others and possibly the world.

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  • Reply Mike & Jean Morrisey June 8, 2016 at 3:42 am


    Indiana Department of Child Services Director Mary Beth Bonaventura letter outlines illegality.

    Indiana Department of Child Services Director Mary Beth Bonaventura wrote a letter to the Maumee Township Trustee, and the Fire Chief, of the determination that so-called “baby boxes” are not legal under the Indiana safe haven law. One was installed in that township fire department building recently.

    “If an infant is abandoned by a person and placed in a “baby box” anywhere in Indiana, DCS will be required to investigate – as is our charge under Indiana law as evidenced above. In this situation DCS would have to treat the infant as an abandoned child and could find the parent at fault because the method of surrender falls outside of the protections of the Safe Haven law.”

    “In addition to these concerns The Indiana Commission on Improving the Status of Children, composed of representatives of the DCS, The Indiana State Department of Health, The Family and Social Services Administration. legislators, the judiciary, prosecutors, law enforcement, and others, considered and unanimously rejected the proposal to recommend the use of “baby boxes.””

    But the so-called advocate for the illegal “baby boxes” has continuously and potentially raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting supporters since she was told to halt all “baby boxes” activities. She even testified before an Ohio Village Committee hoping they would install a “baby box” in their fire station.

    Three pages, PDF file attached


    Baby boxes bring debate over safety protocols – WANE INVESTIGATION

    The problem with the Indiana “baby boxes” is that they are truly home made medical devices that have never been submitted for a single inspection, testing, and certification by the FDA that screens every single medical device that comes into contact with a newborn. “Baby boxes” are a public health hazard. The “baby boxes” are actually manufactured side by side with feeding troughs made for pigs an livestock!

    A simple question posed by WANE’s Alyssa Ivanson went without an answer, so she asked four more times! Monica Kelsey who had these so-called “baby boxes” devices built should have shown Ms. Ivanson the documents that certify that proper testing had been made, and passed. Ms. Kelsey stated her lawyer was the one to respond. These boxes are dangerous, and illegal, if there is no proper testing.


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