West Torrance High School

Beckmeyer to fight dragon at 128th Rose Parade

West High’s very own Lindsey Beckmeyer will see her design come to life as the designer and a participant of Torrance’s float entry next year in the 128th Tournament of Roses Parade.

“Fighting dragons is a long-standing metaphor for overcoming obstacles.” Beckmeyer explained of her design. “With that in mind, in an increasing movement for girl power, why should anyone have to play a damsel while another fights their dragon?” she asked. “This entire design is a metaphor for success and (a call to) be your own knight.”

Beckmeyer’s gender role-challenging design, a female knight defending her castle against dragon, won the Torrance high school student float design contest, which was centered around the Rose Parade theme “Echoes of Success.” “We are excited to be working with Torrance’s youth on this year’s float design and are looking forward to their future participation,” said Beverly Findley, Torrance Rose Float Association president.

2017 TRFA float rendering at TorrCityCouncil mtg
Beckmeyer’s contest-winning design was unveiled at the Torrance City Council meeting on Tuesday May 17.

On Jan. 2, 2017 (traditionally, the parade is pushed back a day when New Year’s Day is a Sunday), Beckmeyer herself will play the part of the female knight battling the animated dragon of the 16 1/2 feet tall, 35-feet long float.

Tim Estes, president of Fiesta Parade Floats, which has created Torrance’s float since 1997, praised the West High senior’s design. “Coming up with an idea that will translate into a parade float, which is a floral barge going down the street … is really quite a unique talent,” he said.

Beckmeyer says she based her design off of one of her favorite video games, “Skyrim,” which is “all about fighting dragons.” She was very surprised to find out that she had won. “Winning the Rose Parade float design contest is the sort of thing that happens to someone else. It’s basically like everyone keeps telling me: this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I can’t wait.”

She is looking forward to not only participating in, but also watching the Rose Parade.

“I’ve never actually watched the Rose Parade before, and now I’m going to be in it,” she said.

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