Academy of the Canyons hosted a Talent Show themed "A Night at the Academy Awards" on March 31. (Photo courtesy of Maria Manalastas from AOC ASB)


Students and staff react to talent show rescheduling at Academy of the Canyons

Academy of the Canyons transformed into the Academy Awards for its annual talent show on March 31.
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Shaun Thomas

April 18, 2023
Academy of the Canyons hosted its annual talent show, themed “Academy Awards,” inspired by the Oscars. The talent show was held on March 31, after being postponed due to heavy rain and a flash flood warning on its originally planned date of February 24.

“Set up was quite hectic due to the amount of pressure design team had to create all the decorations for one of the biggest events of the year,” junior and design team member Maria Manalastas said. “Design team was preparing decorations and advertisements which included golden trophies, advertisements, posters, that were red carpet and Hollywood inspired.”

Nearing the event on February 24, a severe flash flood warning was issued by the National Weather Service as heavy rain was showering the region, according the the L.A. Daily News.

With inclement weather enforcing unprecedented circumstances, Academy of the Canyons principal, Juliet Fine, called a staff meeting after receiving the flash flood warning. After the quick staff meeting, Fine released a statement.

“We the staff made a decision to postpone the event to a later date,” the statement read. “Because Talent Show is one of the school’s highlight events, we made a commitment to reschedule the event when the conditions would be safer. We don’t want anyone driving in unsafe cindutuis at night, especially to Castaic or the furthest outskirts of the Santa Clarita Valley.”

AOC ASB then elected to reschedule the event to March 31 after working with the staff to find a later date the College of the Canyons cafeteria would still be available. 

With the date rescheduled to March 31, ASB members expected low attendance because it would be right before spring break.

“Many were uncertain, but despite this, they had hoped everything would work out,” sophomore Nia Konstantinova said.

She said she was disappointed because she planned to attend the whole day, but couldn’t attend the rescheduled date. 

“I can completely understand, as the weather conditions were very severe, and haven’t seen anything like this in California before,” Konstantinova said.

The rescheduled talent show took place with the same theme on March 31.

“The turnout was unexpected due to the date change, but I was actually really surprised because the place overflowed with so many people,” Manalastas said. “In fact, we didn’t even have enough seats for them because of the high attendance from the student body.”

Senior Tyler Ngo described the talent show as magical.

“The acts were so amazing and it did feel like I was at the Academy Awards with the phenomenal red carpet and standalone gold trophy decorations,” Ngo said. “There was even a beautiful art gallery where members of the student body, like me, submitted art pieces for everyone to see.”

A sign welcomes attendees to “a night at the Academy Awards” at AOC’s Talent Show March 31. (Photo courtesy of Maria Manalastas from AOC ASB)

“Student health is always a priority, and I am really glad everything turned out successful,” Fine said.

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