Arcadia High School

A day in the life of an Apache

Summer vacation is for sleeping in, right? Well, not in the case of offensive/defensive lineman Edward Masuda. While other high schoolers were enjoying late mornings in their pajamas, Masuda was hard at work practicing with his team. The Arcadia High School Apaches practiced twice a day during summer vacation, spending hours training for the sport that they love. Here, Masuda takes us through a typical day in the life of an Apache football player.

Masuda’s favorite part of the summer practices, he said, were the “competition drills, where [the team] goes head to head against each other” first thing in the morning—a great way to “get pumped for the day.” According to him, the best practices were the ones where the players got to work mostly on competition drills, and really challenged each other, both because it gave them experience for games and also was just “a lot of fun.”

And though he finished each day exhausted, Masuda was always ready to face the next day’s training with enthusiasm. Practice makes perfect, after all.