Summer Ideas

Summer is the time of year where we get out of school and go on vacation somewhere across the globe or country. Well that’s how summer is envisioned, but many of us aren’t as lucky and are stuck at home or at summer school. Here’s a guide on how to have a great summer without having to be on vacation.

One of the first things to do make sure you have friends that can go with you to different places around the city or county. Friends are crucial to having a great summer cause without them you wouldn’t be able to share any memories with anyone else.

Places to go like the beach, mall, or cafe to hang out and have fun are crucial if your neighborhood starts to bore you. Finding places around the city to sit and talk would be a good option as well.

Packing the correct thing for the occasion is always important. Bringing a backpack filled with essentials will help greatly. Packing for a day trip or hanging out with your friends at a cafe or the beach requires portable phone charger, extra hair ties, mints, hand sanitizer, lotion, chapstick, sunglasses, phone/camera, water, and a jacket.

If you can’t go out then find a new TV series to watch and keep you occupied or get a new hobby like playing an instrument or creating videos. This is also a great way to be productive during the summer as well as having fun.

Summer is a great way to relax but if you are in summer school then studying is also very important. Try to see summer school in a positive light like how it can help you prepare for the new school year. But most of all take some weekends to go out with friends and have fun.

Overall summer should be the time to find more interests and make more memories as well. Hope everyone’s summer is well and good luck!

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