Arcadia High School

Thanks, Obama – Join Us!

With only a matter of weeks left in the Obama presidency, many young people look toward the president-elect’s inauguration with unease. This is in part due to the fact that most teens today were still in elementary school when Barack Obama first took office in January 2009.

As the president’s last term draws to a close, we want to know: what stood out to you as a highlight of Obama’s presidency? The speeches? The slow jams? Bo the First Dog? How would you (or the world as we know it) be different, if the nation had elected someone else in 2008? Share your fondest memories from the last eight years in a short letter, video, or voice recording. The series Thanks, Obama aims to reclaim the meme from back in the day, and put a spin on it.

Figure 1.1: An example of an older Thanks, Obama meme, circa 2009

How to get involved:

  • Write a brief reflection (200 words or so) of the moments that stood out the most to you from the past eight years.
  • When you choose a featured image for your story, choose your favorite Obama meme (or make your own!) to carry on his legacy as, along with everything else, the Internet-dubbed coolest president.
  • Many of the best Obama moments are on video (bless 21st century technology!)—if you can, find your moment on YouTube and embed the video in your post, so we can all share in the glory.