The main poster for the 1968 Olympic Games form the LA84 Foundation gallery. (L.A. Times HS Insider)
Arcadia High School

The LA84 Foundation creates an art gallery for the 1968 Olympic Games

The LA84 Foundation decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Olympics, which was held in Mexico City, through an art gallery.

They received artifacts in bulk from the Helms Athletic Foundation. The process is to find which posters and artifacts would be included was through ensuring their conditions are well and if they match the theme of the gallery.

Karen Goddy, the Manager of Collections and Operations at the LA84 Foundation, took the time to sort through the given items. Afterwards, she researched to inquire more information on the items.

Goddy choose contemporary, but ancient designs from populations that are indigenous to Mexico.

“We created the show and divided it into sections to highlight the primary posters in Mexico City at the time,” Goddy said.

During the 1968 games, Mexico City highlighted art, science, and sport, albeit today, not many realize nor remember that, Goddy said. She wants the exhibit to be a prime example of what the 1968 games represent.

“I think the work in there encompasses what the organizing committing was trying to do,” Goddy said. “[The pieces] connect to everyone regardless of the language they speak. [They] welcomed the world and showed them that [Mexico City is] as modern as [they] could be at the time.”

The LA84 Foundation plans on holding numerous meetings in the gallery. Once chairs and tables are put in, Goddy hopes all can admire.


This story was produced through the HS Insider summer internship program which is supported by funding from LA84 Foundation.

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