Arcadia High School

Unsung Heroes: Librarian Ms. Lewis

Since elementary school, we’ve constantly had the privilege of being able to access our libraries and its immense resources. Many of us appreciate the books that our libraries provide us, but what about the librarians themselves? Have you ever stopped to acknowledge the person behind the desk scanning your books as you would recognize the teacher grading your tests? At Arcadia High School (AHS), Mrs. Susana Lewis is one of the librarians that works every day during school hours to organize and manage the beautiful facility.

As a person who originally wanted to become a teacher, Mrs. Lewis was influenced during college when she worked as a librarian. After realizing that she worked better in small environments, such as the college library, she began to pursue a librarian career. Mrs. Lewis started her job in AHS as a library clerk in August of 2015.

Mrs. Lewis’ daily routine as a librarian starts by arriving at the campus at 7 a.m. in order to open the doors to the few students waiting outside. At this time, she starts her day in the library, checking emails and checking out chromebooks for the students that come in.

Once school starts at 8 a.m., Mrs. Lewis manages the books and the TAs, who are students that assist her. Since every day has different classes coming in to return/check out books, Mrs. Lewis prepares the books so that checking out could be a breeze for the students. She also helps teachers and students reserve rooms, such as the media center and the study rooms, and when she has time, she puts all her efforts into making and designing the displays that are put in the library.

There are some quiet periods throughout the day when the library is empty, allowing Mrs. Lewis to chat with some students that come in. Regardless of the fact her job as a librarian requires meticulous organization and dealing with both mature and immature students, Mrs. Lewis still finds time for herself and becoming acquainted with the students around her. She enjoys talking to each student, learning what their aspirations are, and simply joking around with them. With these students, there’s never a dull moment in her job.

While becoming a librarian may be an unconventional occupation, she still strongly advocates for it. As it is a field that changes continuously due to the improvements of technology, Mrs. Lewis views this change as for the better and also for the worse. Even with new electronics, like kindles and digital books, paper books are still her preferred option of reading.

Despite the fact that many have tried to discourage her by saying kids don’t read anymore, Mrs. Lewis believes that there will always be a need for librarians.

With reporting from Maruko Myint, Alyssa Rave, Elaine Vuong and Giselle Yeh