Review: How Netflix series ‘Itaewon Class’ should have ended

Writer’s note: This review contains spoilers

Asian dramas have always captivated a worldwide audience. From Korean Dramas to Chinese Dramas, their typical plot follows the traditional romance between two leading figures, and perhaps a sprinkle of comedy or tragedy here and there in order to rightfully label the series with the word: drama.

But in more recent years, Netflix has taken up a part in creating their own international television series. In 2017, they created their first Korean original series: “Love Alarm.” In 2019, they launched a few dramas in mandarin: “Nowhere Man” and “Triad Princess.” Since then, Asian dramas have arguably taken all the hype.

One specific Korean drama has recently caught my and many other’s attention. In early 2020, “Itaewon Class” was released on Netflix and it took to international social media waters by storm.

The story follows male-lead Park Saeroyi (played by Park Seo-Joon) and his journey in the district of Itaewon to create his own restaurant. His goal is to turn it into the largest and most successful food company in Korea and use this advantage to enact revenge on an enemy.

Along for the ride are Jo Yi-seo (played by Kim Da-mi) and Oh Soo-ah (played by Kwon Nara) to name a few. A quick love triangle soon develops between these two females and Park Saeroyi.

Now, do not get me wrong. “Itaewon Class” is so much more than a simple love triangle between three characters. It covers a wide range of thematic ideas surrounding familial pride, individualism, sticking to one’s beliefs, ambition, success, sacrifice, etc. Simply put, there is so much more substance to this drama than pure romance.

However, despite there being so many elements to the overall plot of the story, it came down to both the romance and ambition aspect that left me, as a viewer, most unsatisfied toward the end.

In episode one of the series, we are introduced to Park Saeroyi. We conclude that he is a calm person filled with unbelievable strength and stubbornness to stick to what he believes is ethical in this world.

We are then introduced to Oh Soo-ah, who Saeroyi first meets on the street, and later as his high school classmate.

Oh Soo-ah is an independent orphan girl whose main doctrine is to live by putting herself first; live her life and her life only. We soon earn ourselves a tragedy, as Saeroyi’s father tragically passed away in a hit-and-run accident by an enemy, who is the son of a food-business tycoon.

Because of this tragedy, Park Saeroyi vows to avenge his father, create his own successful food-business and take down those who killed his father and tried to cover it up.

As a member of the audience, it is only right for me to assume that the first two characters introduced — Park Saeroyi and Oh Soo-ah — are bound to end up together, especially as they both exhibit romantic interest in each other.

Not to mention they look like the perfect couple in their undeniably cute chemistry. It is also right for me to assume that Park Saeroyi will end up achieving his goal through predominantly his own efforts.

Fast forward and we meet cool, social media famous influencer Jo Yi-seo. She is trendy, talented, arrogant and the exact Urban Dictionary definition of the b-word. With the addition of another female character, it is almost a recipe for conflict — and there is conflict. A lot of conflict.

Long story short, the tale ends with Jo Yi-seo winning Park Saeroyi’s heart – something that still infuriates me months after this series has been released.

In support of my position, Park Saeroyi and Oh Soo-ah should have ended up together.

One, they have held onto their infatuation for one another for an entire decade if not more — which is basically the entirety of the show; two, they have a sense of respect and support for each other’s lives; and three, Park Saeroyi’s decision to stop liking her was abrupt and unrealistic as it happened suddenly in the last few episodes.

Not to mention that ethically, it is unfair to Oh Soo-ah that Park Saeroyi swore he would help her and care for her after he reached his goals. He even told her to wait for him. In my eyes, Park Saeroyi just might get the number one award for best-at-leading-people-on.

While members of Jo Yi-Seo’s team in this love triangle might argue that Yi-Seo sacrificed her life for Park Saeroyi’s dreams, devoted herself for over a decade to curing Park Saeroyi of his unrequited love for her and was physically around him for more of the show than our other leading-lady, this does not give them the excuse to proclaim such actions are love.

Because no, it is not. They are signs of a budding toxic relationship where love for someone else overrides any possible sign of self-love to begin with.

Before one begins a relationship, satisfaction with one’s own life is vital. Never should there be any sense of boredom with one’s life or neglect to live before one enters a relationship. Jo Yi-Seo displayed all the don’ts prior to her desire for a relationship with Park Saeroyi.

Right until the end, Jo Yi-seo was annoyingly petty and annoyingly confident she would steal Park Saeroyi from Oh Soo-ah. And she did.

Oh Soo-ah smiles at Park Saeroyi. (Image courtesy of Netflix)

My love for “ItaewonClass” definitely lessened as the series bore on. Regarding Park Saeroyi’s ambitions, I was expecting him to defeat his enemy with his own business in the end, no matter how long it takes.

Yet, it made me disappointed when I realized that the only reason Park Saeroyi “achieved” his goal at the end was because Oh Soo-ah helped him expose his enemy’s attempt to immorally cover up the hit-and-run accident a decade or so ago. He could not have achieved his ambitions by himself.

All in all, Oh Soo-ah was the real success story in this drama.

That is why the only redemption this television show could obtain from me is the fact that Oh Soo-ah got her happy ending in the end — much to the satisfaction of me and many others who supported Oh Soo-ah.

She gracefully let go of her love for Park Saeroyi, opened her own business and met a new possible love interest. She moved on. And if that does not represent strength and sophistication as a woman, I would not know what does.

52 thoughts on “Review: How Netflix series ‘Itaewon Class’ should have ended

    1. There is so much in your article that make me crazy. You lack a tremendous amount if objectivity in your article. Let’s cover a few topics. Soo ah made it clear that she would not date Saeroyi unless he was rich. He held on for almost 15 years before realizing the person who had his back was Yi-seo. You’ve conveniently forgotten that in the 4years his company exploded he did not have regular contact with Soo ah. It us absolutely crazy to think that he should continue to live a woman who didn’t love him. He told her in more than 1 occasion how he felt to no avail, she never responded in kind. Next, she did not quit her job for him. She quit her job because it became too much for her to continue knowing that his son was out there holding people hostage and he had the power to fix it and he did nothing. She was employed there for over 10 years and she collected data over 10 years, not for Saeroyi, but to repay the debt she had to his father. Except for once, everything she did, it was to benefit herself. Even gathering the evidence was to clear her “debt” to Saeroyi’s father. From the path laid for her in life, there is nothing wrong with that. A girl has to take care of herself, but a relationship with Saeroyi would have been catastrophic for them both. They were comfortable with each other but Yi-seo made him grow and feel things he never felt before. I ADORE the ending because he became aware of what real live is like and he had the support of someone who truly believed in him from day one who never shook in that belief.

      1. judsanz – HI EVERYONE! My name is Judit. I'm 20 years old and I am (currently) living in BCN. University student & fashion & travel lover. IG: judds1511 Snapchat: judds1511 Email:
        judsanz says:


        1. Soo-Ah was selfish but for good reason. She’s an orphan and had to fend for herself. She received help from Mr. Park (Saeroyi’s Dad) for years. The death of Mr. Park was just as heavy for Soo-Ah as it was for Saeroyi. But, she wanted to take the easy road and Saeroyi did not. As Soo-Ah said to Saeroyi, “I’m not like you.” It was the first sign that these two would never end up together. Soo-Ah accepted a scholarship from Jangga, Co. and worked for them. She clearly wanted money and never once helped Saeroyi even after seeing each other again in Itaewon.

        2. Soo-Ah was Saeroyi’s beginning, but Yiseo was Saeroyi’s ending. Soo-Ah liquidated the funds from Mr. Park’s store, and helped with the funeral. She was the one who introduced Itaewon to Saeroyi. That’s it. Soo-Ah was just there. She never became any more significant to Saeroyi’s life goals. Her existence in his life was a mere background character. She never pushed Saeroyi to continue his dream. Instead, she pleaded “Stop all this. Live happily with me.” That’s not a proposal to Saeroyi. That’s a sign to just give up. This moment I knew Saeroyi’s lost feelings for her.
        Yiseo was socially inept just like Saeroyi. Yiseo never had a dream and was too smart and talented for her own good. She never knew how to utilize her talents except for SNS. Saeroyi has no talents, only ambition. Yiseo and Saeroyi were the same person, but were opposites in terms of goals. Saeroyi was stubborn but passionate. He had principles which Yiseo thought was foolish since “everybody would do this” (take the easy road) but realized that Saeroyi was different— just like her. Yiseo liking Saeroyi for his character and virtues made Yiseo realize a goal she could pursue and even skip college. She never left Saeroyi’s side and continued to work hard and study the best practices for business. They went through failures but they went through it TOGETHER. Yiseo never stopped working to realize Saeroyi’s dream even after being rejected once. Soo-Ah never imagined she would get rejected. Therefore, never had the ounce of thought of helping Saeroyi.

        3. Soo-Ah has debt to pay back to Mr. Park— but it was not in her books to help or love Saeroyi. Saeroyi was a safety blanket. She has a “debt” to Mr. Park, and not Saeroyi. Knowing Soo-Ah, she will not go out of her way to help Saeroyi. Her only debt was to Mr. Park and she had to be successful and return the favor three-folds. That was when she was the whistleblower to the dealings of Jangga. She had no reason to help in Saeroyi’s business and she never planned to. When Soo-Ah and Yiseo talked, Soo-Ah wanted to make a point that Saeroyi would always choose Soo-Ah. Soo-Ah loves Saeroyi but never wanted to prove or fight for it. Until the end, she assumed Saeroyi would choose her. Love is never one-way. Soo-Ah assumed it could be.

        4. Saeroyi didn’t “suddenly” love Yiseo. He slowly did.
        There was a 4 year skip to the future.
        That’s why everyone feels weird.
        But taking it into account…
        Anything can happen in 4 years.
        Yiseo never stopped liking him. In fact, she was clear about it.
        Soo-Ah never stopped assuming Saeroyi would pick her over anyone. She was not brave like Yiseo.
        People can be swayed by the confidence and unwavering feelings of a person.
        Saeroyi, finally a CEO, had the time to open his eyes and heart to the possibility of love.

        When Seung Kwon was reading the Project Plan questions.
        Who are you afraid of losing?
        Who are you thankful for?
        Saeroyi realized it on his own who he couldn’t lose in his life. The person who was always there— not Soo-Ah, but Yiseo.

        5. Age is an excuse.
        Yiseo is 10 years younger?
        Saeroyi made that an excuse the first time.
        Now, they’re older. They’re successful. Is age still important? When they went through the hardship together, was age a factor? It wasn’t. Love goes beyond age.
        Yiseo knew this.

        Yiseo was wise, but unstable.
        Soo-Ah was stable, but lacked courage.
        Saeroyi’s needs wisdom and courage in his life. He needs someone brave to walk to bumpy road with him. Soo-Ah was never going to be that person.
        Soo-Ah wants Saeroyi, only if he is successful.
        Saeroyi wants Soo-Ah, only if he is successful.
        These are selfish reasons to love someone.
        Saeroyi needs Yiseo
        Because she is an important person
        Yiseo needs Saeroyi
        Because he is an important person
        They’ve become important to each other whether they were successful or not
        Love can take years to realize.
        And I don’t care if people don’t like they’re a couple.
        For me (AND THEREFORE FOR EVERYONE THAT UNDERSTOOD THE MESSAGE OF THIS ADAPTED WEBTOON), Yiseo x Saeroyi makes more sense than Soo-Ah x Saeroyi.


      2. I disagree strongly. First I understand why you think that way and I didn’t resonate with Soo Ah’s character enough to feel sorry for her. I honestly thought she didn’t deserve him and he made the right choice. Yi-seo I think had trouble with emotions throughout the show and Saeyori helped her become a better person and she brought him down from the clouds a little bit, she still always supported him but showed him that he needs to think realistically sometimes too. And he was ambitious and it showed that throughout the show and of course he needed help to get there. He even stated that he couldn’t go forward and achieve his dream without the people around him and that is what makes him Saeyori and what makes his character so admirable.

    2. While reading what you said I totally agree, I won’t say that I hate the current canon relationship in the show but it is kinda a bit weird how they made it seem like Soo Ah would be with our main hero only for someone younger than her to take his spot. But if I’m being honest if the show allowed this it would just be like a “I knew it!” Situation and wouldn’t be an interesting show, right? One thing that bothers me about Soo Ah is that she was being so petty and actually had many times to get with him but decided to make her move when it was already late. During the time skip it doesn’t actually tell us how many years passed only the year that they are living in which is “2020” but they do say things like “few years have passed” or something like that which showed that throughout them years Soo Ah never confessed to him. Although people disagree Saeroyi picking the girl who is known to be younger and crazy but have you ever stop to think that if Soo Ah ever asked him out and stop being so petty and difficult than they would’ve already been a thing. (Sorry for just responding in 2021!)

  1. Diamond is perfect..Itaewon Class is perfect..Hope this Drama break world records..this is the best drama i’ve seen, though i have seen more than 100 dramas and series..Itaewon Class is the best series, best actors, best plot, best photography, best OST, best place! Amazing harmony between the main couple and the way it was based on a webtoon is simply stunning. The guy who writer and draw the webtoon is a genius and the director is fantastic..

  2. Very disappointing ending. Park Saeroyi ended up becoming like Chairman Jang. It was so heartless to let the Chairman kneel and not say “I forgive you”. It killed the whole persona of the lead character.

    There was no chemistry between Park and Yi-seo. Even the kiss at the end looked so awkward. No, it did not feel right. Ms Oh or the Chairman’s younger son deserved to be the CEO of Jangga.

    The final episode should just be redone.

    1. Seriously? What in the whole series led you to believe that he would ever forgive the chairman? His whole persona was to destroy the chairman. Yi-Seo had perfect chemistry with him. They were like yin and yang. Mrs. Oh may have been a good candidate, but the younger son quickly turned into the chairman and admitted to wanting to bring down IC. No way should he be put in charge.

      1. Thank you for your objectivity. The fact that they conveniently forgot this man made him beg on his knees for the information necessary to save the woman he lives even though he knew what his son intended is absolutely baffling to me. This man made his life a crap show at every turn and he’s supposed to automatically forgive him a week after he does that?

  3. I totally agree with this. I actually really disliked the ending. Oh Soo-ah was the true winner and the chemistry with the other two was non existent for me. Jo Yi-seo was an obnoxious, annoying, selfish person and I sensed no real on screen chemistry between her and Park Saeroyi. Yes she helped him but she would have been better represented as a really good friend. Park Saeroyi needed to forgive in the end. It just didn’t work for me. I’m felt glad for Oh Soo-ah bit the others left me disappointed.

  4. The hell. I don’t mind spoilers but you don’t do that, romcom or whatever genre. You don’t set two main characters up from episode 1 and have them like each other to suddenly due to plot convenience or writers’ whims and change the established ship like that!!! This is coming from a romcom fan!

    1. Agreed with the author, I thought the ending was terrible. I skipped most of ep 14-16. I couldn’t sit and watch how he realized his love for Yi-Seo which I thought was rushed and also because it felt awkward.

      I would have liked to see Saeyoria ending up with Soo-Ah and thought it be funnier if Yi-Seo realized that she doesn’t like him anymore and finding someone else, like a rom com? Additional, Yi-Seo and Saeyori seem like close friends.

  5. I disagree, I actually hated both Yiseo and Sooah as love interests. Sooah undermined her relationship with Saeroyi many times throughout the drama and seemed to be more jealous of Yiseo’s relationship him more than anything. She kept going back and forth on whether or not her and Saeroyi should be together due to the fact that she was working at Jangga Co, something that she tried to make Saeroyi responsible for when that was HER terrible decision. Saeroyi always showed that he had feelings for her but she never truly reciprocated them and then tried to make the fact that they weren’t together his fault bc he never said the words “i like you”, but even when he did it didn’t change anything. I think that’s bc she never truly loved him past a friendship bc there was always some sort of excuse as to why they couldn’t be together. Yiseo was an all around terrible person and I still didn’t like her AT ALL by the end of the show but I think her falling for Saeroyi did have a positive impact on her on top of the fact that she never played with Saeroyi’s feelings the way Sooah did for 10+ years. Am I happy that he picked Yiseo, no. I didn’t think she deserved to be with the man of her dreams after being such a jerk to the people around her, esp with the way she played with Geunsoo’s feelings. But I guess I understand it more than a relationship with Sooah, I don’t think Saeroyi and Sooah were ever truly meant for each other and I think the fact that Yiseo was even able to come between them proves that.

    1. I agree with most if what you said. I like that he ended up with Yi-seo because her love for him taught her a lot. She grew. In the beginning I truly wanted to luck her forehead due to her behavior. I also had to keep in mind that she was 20, had literally bet her future on him and she was maneuvering a world unfamiliar to her. I was so happy when she changed her ways. The person she was 5 years later was completely different. Her love for him was enduring and because that love never once wavered he learned what real love was.

      There’s a part of me that thinks he was a little autistic.

  6. Yes, thank you! MONTHS later I still think about feeling betrayed by this show. I loved it from the first episode and ended up being so disappointed by the ending. Saeroyi should have ended up with Soo-Ah! Also they spent so much time having Saeroyi talk about his years long plan that never really came to fruition. At the end of the day the main reason his business became a huge success was because of Yi-Seo and then Soo-Ah redeeming Saeyori’s father.

  7. Oh Soo-ah did not deserve Saeroyi. No way. A true companion sticks by you thick and thin. She hedged her bets and batted for the team who covered up the hit and run of Saeroyi’s father and her mentor/friend. She is utterly selfish

    Jo Yi-seo staked her life and future with him. She gave up college to help him. She grew as a person from being a sociopathic ‘b-word’ to a team player who fell in love. My only complaint was that Saeroyi didn’t recipocrate sooner. I know its part of his character being socially awkward and all but it’s a romantic drama and we really only got treated to the romance by the last 2 odd episodes.

    I’m happy with how it played out myself. Could have done without the ‘whistleblower’ plot device though. It also lends though why it was better Soo-ah did not win her man. All that suffering he endured – and she could have ended it with her help at any time.

    1. Yes, fully agree!!! I did like Soo-ah in the beginning, but quickly began to hate her. Her selfishness and disregard for her mentor and debt to him is sociopathic. It shows Saeroi’s maturity and morals to not be angry with her and hold her responsible when she visits him in prison, but he should have left their relationship as friends.

  8. I so totally agree with you. Soo Ah doesn’t deserve this. She patiently waited for Saeyori, then all of a sudden Saeyori fell in love with Yi Seo. She spent her whole life in Jangga and waited for Saeyori to fulfill his promise but Saeyori just liked another girl. Gosh i hate this.

  9. Same thoughts! I love it at the beginning. And I love Oh Soo Ah more. I know there are lots of aspects in the story but it is too predictable.

  10. I’m surprised that people genuinely expected Saeroyi to forgive Chairman Jang. Please be realistic, would you forgive someone who fired your dad, covered up your dad’s murder and had you locked up for 7 years? Plus he continued to frustrate Saeroyi’s efforts to get his life back together.

    People are real hypocrites in their comment section.
    If you seriously stopped watching because Soo Ah was no longer Saeroyi’s love interest, lmaoooooooo.

  11. I really love the drama but i feel betrayed. I thought ms. Oh and saeroyi would be ended together.. I really love their chemistry.

  12. I agree with almost everything. The ending was awful and I felt betrayed because Saeroyi liked Yi-Seo in the last 3 episodes. The change on his feelings was very sudden and it wasn’t realistic. Oh Soo Ah met a new love interest. Really? She waited Saeroyi more than 10 years to just meet a guy that could be her new love? Oh c’mon. Bullshit. She didn’t fell in love for anyone but Saeroyi for more than 10 years and then in the ending she meets this guy.

    Yi-Seo was an awful person who was transphobic, racist, xenophobic and extremely annoying. The only one she cared was Saeroyi and then when her colleagues improved she started to treat them better and with respect. Oh c’mon. I didn’t forget all the things she did.

    Itaewon Class was awful because of its ending, I don’t recommend to anyone.

  13. Thank you for writing this!
    I absolutely agree with you.
    Just finished watching the drama and I am absolutely furious with the outcome. I can accept that he is with Yi-seo, but the way he abrupt ended things with Soo-ah? He was about to walk out of their coffee date without a word, and he basically never talked to her again after that. The last phone call her had with her? She called to say congrats, and he called her a “whistle blower” while she still wishes him happiness. He should have ended things between them 4 years ago when she asked him to stop his revenge, but he refused. But no man, home boy shows up to her work place the next day to “apologize.” What the fuck. The argument isn’t over who is better for him. I’m just so mad at how he “ended” things with her!!!

  14. My thoughts exactly, thank you!! This show had so much potential and they did address other things nicely, just not the love part of the story. The whole thing just felt so wrong. Yi-seo manipulated Saeyori and I am so upset that she got what she wanted. It could’ve stayed platonic

  15. My thoughts exactly, thank you!! This show had so much potential and they did address other things nicely, just not the love part of the story. The whole thing just felt so wrong. Yi-seo manipulated Saeyori and I am so upset that she got what she wanted. It could’ve stayed platonic

  16. In my opinion, the reason why I think they put them together as a couple was mainly due to this only being the first season. I respectively disagree with you because I think if they were to make a season 2, that relationship would start swindling and and Soo-ah could start changing Ro-Yi’s heart. (Now I havent read the webtoon so I have no idea how accurate my predictions will be). But also the biggest factor came down to Jo-Yi-Seo’s unchanging ambitions to get Ro-Yi, showing that unlike Ro-yi being the same one direction lover, he decides to alter what would be ongoing if he kept going for Soo-ah and kept getting his heart broken.

    Personally I am a Korean American Male who has some similar experiences regarding liking a girl for many years (6 to be exact) but after consistently getting rejected and trying to meet up to my lovers “expectations”, one of my closest friend thats a girl admitted she liked me and told me to be with her, even though I was so focused on my lover, my heart changed and ended up going for the girl who actually loved me and now we have been dating for 2 years. Ro-Yi must have felt the same way (if this was “REAL”) and I think its all about the perspective….

    But again, I really like your emphasis on his promise and hope to continue reading your posts.

    -Michael Kang

    1. Rachel Ker – Irvine, California – Rachel Ker is a senior at Arnold O. Beckman High School. As the editor-in-chief for the Beckman Chronicle and a 2019 graduate of the California Scholastic Press Association, she mostly focuses on writing entertainment, feature-styled and opinion pieces. She also loves writing in a more casual-style on her personal blog (! When she’s not writing, she’s either reading or playing One Direction songs on the piano, guitar or ukulele.
      Rachel Ker says:

      Hi Michael, I love your anecdote, and it’s actually allowed me to view the ending of this show differently – which is crazy because it’s been months since I watched it! I appreciate your insight:) if you’re interested in more of my posts, I post more frequently on my personal blog (
      – Rachel

  17. WOW I REALLY NEEDED THIS!!! thankyouuu!!
    what’s the point of asking Soo Ah to wait for him to destroy Jangga Co?? honestly, i was so impressed by Park Sae royi’s principle, however after watching the second half, the story became a bit disappointing.

    i wish Park Sae royi ended up with Oh Soo Ah,
    their chemistry from day 1 was better than Park Sae royi & Jo yi seo

    but overall is good

  18. To be honest I wanted Park Saeroyi to end up with Soo Ah because they liked each other for a long time and they cared about each other. I never liked Yi-Seo because she’s annoying, racist and doesn’t even care about anyone’s feelings. Yi-Seo only cared about herself.

    1. Rachel Ker – Irvine, California – Rachel Ker is a senior at Arnold O. Beckman High School. As the editor-in-chief for the Beckman Chronicle and a 2019 graduate of the California Scholastic Press Association, she mostly focuses on writing entertainment, feature-styled and opinion pieces. She also loves writing in a more casual-style on her personal blog (! When she’s not writing, she’s either reading or playing One Direction songs on the piano, guitar or ukulele.
      Rachel Ker says:

      I agree! I liked Yi-Seo at the beginning, but she started showing her true colors after :(

  19. Totally agree with your point of view. It would have made more sense for Saeroyi to end up with Soo-ah. And yes he didn’t get his revenge on his own and was not able to bring Jangga down if it was not for Soo-ah. I’m glad somebody else felt the exact same way I did about the ending. Totally disappointed even until now. It didn’t help their cause as well with Park Seo Joon having more chemistry with Kwon Nara than Kim Da Mi.

  20. Moral of the drama: if you work hard at what you want, you will achieve it. Whether through romance or career. Soo-ah was too scared to give up on her career and follow her heart (romance) towards PSR. Yi-seo worked hard to get both, romance and career. The ending made sense if you look at the big picture. The twist at the end also kept you on the edge of your seat, both PSR career-wise and love-triangle wise.

  21. (Not to mention that ethically, it is unfair to Oh Soo-ah that Park Saeroyi swore he would help her and care for her after he reached his goals. He even told her to wait for him. In my eyes, Park Saeroyi just might get the number one award for best-at-leading-people-on.)

    So sad after all these promises after waiting for him. after assuring her that she will be ok. he dumbed her and when she avoided him he kept following her, giving her another false hope.
    The bus stop scene when he ran after her to tell her that he will end up with her at the end. but at the end his friend told him follow your heart and it is ok if she get hurt.

    Is it because in real life men are selfish and good at promising others and take back the words they say? they ruined the whole drama with this kind of unethical approach.

  22. I totally agree! The one who destroyed Jangga was Oh Soo-ah, after collecting so much information during years of a successful and exhausting career. His loyalty has always been to Saeroyi’s father, never to Jangga. In addition to being friends with Saeroyi and in love with him in a healthy way, she also treated Jo Yi-seo with maturity. Oh Soo-ah is wonderful.

  23. Hello, I am going to respectively disagree with you. Yes, Yi-Seo was pretty much mean to everyone except Saeroyi, however I am very thankful and glad that Yi-Seo and Saeroyi end up together. If you go back to episode 14, towards the end when he discovered a picture that Yi-Seo drew of him while she was in high school. And all the while, one of the DanBam co-worker was reading lines out of an event paper, consider these lines. “who is the first you want to thank?”; “Who’s the first person you want to apologize?”; “When was the scariest moment that comes to your mind?”: “What’s the best luck in your life?”: “Are you in love with someone?” And if you’ll remember, everyone of these answers flashback to his time with Yi-Seo. It confirm him that the person he is in love with is not Soo-ah but Yi-seo.

    Now I am not saying he should have end up with her, but I definitely don’t think he should’ve end up with Soo-ah. Because I believe, if you are not going to be in someone’s struggle, then you shouldn’t be in their success. Soo – ah only cared about herself, she wanted Saeroyi to be there in her life when he is rich, on the other hand, Yi-Seo was there for Saeroyi through it all! Like what Yi-seo said in episode 13, Soo-ah just keep asking for things but don’t do anything about it. And not to mention that Soo-ah was overly confident that Saeroyi will not like another person except her. And when she told him to give up everything and go to her. Who is her to tell him that? She had no right. It was not Saeroyi the one who told her to work for Jangga Co. But it was her ambition. That’s all what I am going to say.

  24. This is a drama about business. And in business, you choose a life partner which literally has to be a partner in everything that you do. Its not about who looks ‘cute’ together. The ending is correct and realistic.

  25. was a good show with good acting and a beautiful plot.

    this was my reply to some other comment but bear it with me and bear all grammatical and name errors

    now 1st point agreed, such a rich woman couldn’t find her grandchild, just was about to die. But you must remember she made it big with small-town people only.jhunggwa also started as a small pub so it must be her way to spot talents and character.

    now bumming is excusable though was a cheap device, we must remember setting shops were too close and characters lived close.population of itaewon is 22k only so chance of 100 people bumming are very high given you live in so close radius.also soo ah was frequently switching between shop and office so bumming is natural.

    third point,always i can’t say but yah she was very frequent.

    4th,what brought down jangga was insider leaking of frauds etc. kidnapping or muder was predictable as geun won was heartbroken,betrayed and was left with nothing.he had to become a criminal,tell me if what were you to do if same happens to you.

    5th soo-ah don’t make me open my about her.they gave her redemption arch by insider leaking otherwise she was a total bitch:
    -she considered park sung yeol father figure saeoroyi friend but accepted a scholarship from jangga/jhunggwa and even worked with little regret(reference to her drunk scene before trying to kiss saeroyi).she didn’t come to pick saeroyi at his release.she made no initiative for getting justice to sung yeol didn’t even try a bit.she likes rich people(to say this alone is foolish seeing how rich people acted around her and a middle class man supported her all along) but never put effort in helping out saeroyi,wasn’t the back who made him rich,even jeff bezos had tremendous support of her ex-wife(people change like yeosi did she was sociopath because we need love more than fame or excellence i have dealt with and dealt with depression.a sociopath/depressed person needs someone to understand him/her and someone he/she can care about.) you must confide to argument of yeosi and so ah where she explained things sooo ah demanded from saeoroyi,yeosi stood and built with him.

    about saeroyi i feel he is a guy similar to me,i have natural attraction towards people and things ignored by masses,Which struggle to fit into people,yeosi though immensely popular stood out couldn’t fit because of being sociopath and he cared for her anyway geun soo on other hand seemed to be obsessed with her.
    saeoroyi hate soo ah at being for prejudice of her being mean and selfish which she later proved out to be but seeing her at church was what made his heart melt.did saeoroyi continue to be like that?
    yeosi was competitive but she cared for people alas.
    and here i rest my case.this show encompassed sexuality issues(transgender etc) , importance of people in business,value of perseverance, importance of support and many parts of life which make it 6th highest rated korean show in kdrama history just two ranks short of goblin.i accept it has flaws but show is great and full of lessons unlike American shows it didn’t forced gays and transgenders pride down our throat rather it showed if you work hard it doesn’t matter what your sexuality is no one can stop you.
    it didn’t make him saeoroyi win in just 4 years,he has 4+7+1+4=16 years of hard work to be just 9th in annual sales in food market he checked all boxes right what any great entrepreneur would do,as alibaba’s founder jack ma said i am not very smart but found smart people, he found TRUSTWORTH and smart people who worked endlessly to become best,he learnt from person who has proven himself and what.His fought was not against a person or system,he was illustration of our daily fight where we are fight and protect for our family,loved ones and ideals.he dared stand against bully and his fight was if he stands his family shouldn’t he hurt and justice should be served and he worked endlessly to reach that stand.the dialogues about has your life ended is your value is just remarkable.
    you need to have sight and life experience to understand the people make me cringe when you say i watched for this actor or i couldn’t see park seo jin and kim di ma together and what not.this show is not about you perception of kdramas cute love stories this is much more than that like all the top 10 kdramas:

    you people are thinking with your conscious brain but sorry neither you conscious brain enough cerebral withdrawal or foresight to understand beauty of show,your sub conscious do but some morons like you suppress it.this is the reason only 5% of viewership is hating it as other 95% either evaluated it consciously like me with all life scenarios,korean lifestyle,asian values,business ethics or they gave lead to their sub conscious brain/
    show is great,my favourite kdramas are
    reply 1988
    crash landing on you
    guardian great and lonely
    it’s ok not to be okay/hospital playlist

    it the order of my preference. only reply 1988 is multi times rewatchable and skycastle is worth rewatching at least once every 2 years as show dealts with important part of our life.

    1. also to add that was it right to marry a person after 16 years when you don’t have love for him/her you will end up in divorce anyway.
      also he did fulfill his promise,he broke the shackles of bending down and gulping unacceptable things tied to soo ah,she became fearless enough to leak things.she opened her own restaurant.she now worked for herself.
      also he always said he like her but she was like i will like only a rich man but love is was only fair for so ah and saeroyi to not end up together.
      and actually she didn’t wait for him but moved on in life with way she wanted to live

  26. Just finished watching it.

    I don’t feel like either Soo-Ah or Yi-seo deserved to end with Saeroyi.

    Yi-Seo was a manipulative and heartless character. The way she used carelessly Geun-Soo in order to reach her own agenda isn’t something that I feel Saeroyi would approve. She wanted to use him in order to please Saeroyi and she abandoned him in the last episode in order to escape Geun-Woo was saddening. Also, her relation with Guen-Soo seemed similar to hers with Saeyori but with the roles reversed (she was the one getting pursuit and ignoring the Guen’s feelings). She was only against discrimination and social biases if it pleased Saeroyi (imagine if Saeroyi continued to reject her based on the bias of age gap or their work relation).

    Soo-Ah, like Yi-Seo said, was too passive and self-centred. She did help to bring down Jaggan Co. but it was for Saeroyi’s father. It also always felt like she wasn’t willing to do take any kind of risk to the point was not even able to express her feelings to Saeroyi and it felt she didn’t any effort toward him because he was already “in the bag” because he expressed his feeling toward her in the past.

    But in the end, I do believe Yi-Seo did “deserve” more affection than Soo-Ah from Saeroyi though. She stuck with him from the beginning, greatly helped him grow his business and didn’t hesitate to get hurt for him.

  27. So ahh was trash. It doesn’t matter what she been through she was no better than Dae-hee. She’s a doormat and selfish. Her first words after she discovered he liked her were that she couldn’t be with poor men but yi-seo’s first thought was she wanted to make saeyori a better person. This romanticizing so-ahh and saeyori is weird. She became entitled and felt like she deserved saeyori’s heart after the constant betrayals and abandonment. SHE IS NOT HER PAST! That’s the whole point of the show is to maintain and stand firm with their beliefs which is what yi-seo is the epitome of. I adore her character idk what you guys see in so-ahh she’s such a bore/headache and represents nothing but the past.

  28. I agree. I am in the Soo Ah camp !

    One aspect that I gathered (any koreans would like to clarify?) is that when someone or company sponsors your University education and provides you with a job, its almost like a lifetime commitment. one do not simply resign, you wait to be sacked or die. The sense of obligation or debt was only Soo Ah’s to bear.

    Soo Ah & Ro Yi are like star crossed lovers, both of them know very well that as long as Jangga or rather Chairman Jang is around they can never be together ……

    Well, it was apparent to me that Royi will be together with Yi Seo from Ep 1 …

    However I agree with many out there that Royi & Yiseo did not have much of a chemistry, he really looks very much like a loving brother.

    but h well, it is only a drama :D …..

  29. I disagree completely. Saeyori made the BEST choice with Yi-seo. She TRULY loved him. Soo-ahh was selfish and flaky. ALWAYS go with that person whose love and affection are CLEAR. Sure, Soo-ahh is gorgeous, but Yi-seo would never screw Saeyori over. PLUS, you snooze you lose! Saeyori’s one true failure, though is he failed to see how abused Geun won was. He was GREATLY abused by his sonofabitch father. The show would have been better if Geun won and Saeyori would have become friends, if Geun won would have begged for forgiveness. He was obviously conflicted by accidentally killing Mr. Park. When his dad hugged him you could see he had been aching with desperation for his father’s affection and acceptance. He was ALMOST healed and yet his father betrayed him. Saeyori’s drive of revenge was misguided. He should have maintained the nobler stature; but instead he lacked compassion in the end. In some ways he ended up somewhat like Chairman Jang.

  30. I’m late on this but I have just found this show and I’m just can’t relate with the SooHa side of aisle.
    I never saw any closeness between her and Saeroyi in their adult life. Am supposed to see those two people who barely had a hug or a touch of hands and didn’t show any longing for another as two people in love who were star crossed lovers and prevented from being together by some kind of evil powerful force? What exactly was their excuse not to be together in some form? There is no other reasons than the self imposed, very unromantic condition that Saeroyi be rich. And not any rich but apparently richer than the Jangga Co family. I can’t with the viewers saying; ‘She waited 15 years for him’. Hum? He was right there across the street for at least half of this time. She could have joined him on his fight. She could have become his lover and supporter, she could have at least found another job. What exactly was she waiting for besides the financial gain and of course, a man who wouldn’t take any risk? Because that’s was really the difference between the two women: Sooha measured Saeroyi’s odds and she never bet on him. Being his partner meant a lot of sacrifices and hard times and she wasn’t up for it, not especially if it meant to give up on her nice car, house and relaxed life. She wanted the boy rich and free of his hurdles and she really thought she could just sit there and wait for him to become that and he would always be at her reach.
    I wish the show had not changed the Webtoon story to please audience. Apparently a beautiful woman with an angel face has to have some kind of redeeming quality of the world crashes. In the Webtoon it’s indeed Sooha who calls the police to close Saeroyi’s bar and there is no such lame plot as whistleblower. This last plot is another thing that I dislike a lot because clearly it’s a tentative to redeem or give something useful for the character to do. However, it only makes more sense for the self serving nature of the character. What is the only thing that mostly tortures Sooha? Her guilt over selling her soul for money to work for the man who killed her father figure. However, when exactly she finally decides to ‘pay back’? Does it make sense that only after 10 years she had something that could bring Jangga Co down? Imagine Sooha sitting on evidence for all those years and even when Saeroyi was on the most need, she just didn’t say anything. What is the timing of the whistleblower? The Jangga Co is already failing and about to be taken over. The CEO is dying and out of power. Saeroyi doesn’t need any help at all, having achieved all he wanted with the help of his loyal people and especially YiSeo. Sooha only talked when she wasn’t risking anything: she had the car, house, she had the money to start her own business and wouldn’t be a problem if nobody hired her. She sacrificed nothing and in the end, only after getting humiliated by the CEO with his truth bomb on why she stayed so long, only then she kicked the dead horse so she could feel a little better saying she ‘paid the debt’ to Saeroyi’s father. Really? I bet he would have been more grateful if she had talked way before, she sure had plenty of dirty for years, when Saeroyi could really have used the help.
    The character was meant to be a self servicing, looking for herself kind of person but the show had to change this bit because people just can’t make peace that the classic beauty is not a heroin… even more if a brat with half bleached hair steals the show and the man.

  31. Uh no. Every chance she got she went and snitched on him to the chairman. Not only that she was preying on the downfall of his restaurant every chance she got behind his back what kind of woman is that. Not to mention her whole demeanor pissed me off and literally played around with the fact that he liked her and literally let him on most of the time. Not to mention she let the bully chaimans son put him in jail and he still said he liked her. Sooha is the worst woman ever. All yi seo did was try and make his restaurant a success just to make him happy yeah she’s a bit toxic at times but at the end of the day she knew where her loyalty stood.

  32. Well Everyone is entitled by their own opinions. But Oh Soo Ah. Never been there when Sae Ro yi struggles. She also advice Him to stop the fight with Jangga. Real Partner Supports you whatever your goal is. No matter how difficult it is. If you really love a person. You should really believe on Him/her. He realize he loves Jo Yi seo the moment he almost lost her. That is when you realize how important a person is in your life..

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