Photo by Ethan Rhee: Strawberry Cheese Bingsoo


Sul & Beans bingsoo opens in Irvine

Sul & Beans offers a strong dessert option.
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Ethan Rhee

June 15, 2022
My family and I recently had dinner in Diamond Jamboree in Irvine, and we noticed a new spot had opened.  As we traversed the parking lot jungle to take a closer look, we gasped as it was Sul & Beans, the Korean bingsoo or shaved ice shop. Bingsoo in Korean refers to a shaved ice dessert that is often topped with fruit, red bean, and condensed milks or syrups.

Sul & Beans has a menu that gets creative yet still plays homage to the bingsoo purists.  When I walked in, I was surprised that it wasn’t that busy, as I would have expected lines out the door of foodies from all over. It seems they opened without aggressive marketing but word-of-mouth has been spreading fast. It’s just that good and just in time for the summer heat.

While the menu has the Original Bingsoo, they also have unique flavors such as Earl Grey Bingsoo, Injeolmi Bingsoo, Taro Bingsoo, Coffee Bingsoo and Strawberry Cheese Bingsoo. We opted for the Strawberry Cheese Bingsoo and don’t worry, it doesn’t have slices of cheese on it.  The cheese refers to cubes of perfectly bite-sized cheesecakes.  It is mixed with strawberry slices and condensed milk all on top of snowy, shaved ice.

The bowl size was enough to feed our family of 4, just be sure to ask for extra spoons. They also brew up some good-looking coffee and lattes as well as interesting teas such as the Burdock Tea.

If you are in the Irvine area this summer, I definitely recommend making a dessert stop at Sul & Beans.

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