Arnold O. Beckman High School in Irvine, Calif. will be closed until April 10 due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. (Wikimedia Commons)
Arnold O. Beckman High School

TUSD closes schools due to COVID-19 pandemic

Tustin Unified School District passed an emergency resolution on March 16 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. All schools within the district were ordered to close until April 10 without further notice. 

“The TUSD Board recognizes the importance of schools in the lives of students and families, thus, this is not an easy decision, nor one taken lightly,” TUSD Superintendent Gregory A. Franklin wrote in an online message to parents and students.

TUSD took action later than other districts within Orange County. As spring break began on March 13, TUSD students are awaiting instructions regarding online school once vacation ends. 

In addition to the closure, TUSD high schools have canceled or postponed all student activities like VEX Robotics Competitions, prom, orchestra and band performances, and eighth grade parent night. 

“I feel that my senior year has been broken into pieces,” Beckman senior Jenny Kezios said. “Senior prom has been an activity I was looking forward to since sophomore year, and now it is not happening for a while. I can not even be sure about other senior activities like Grad Night. I am more than depressed.”

School closures alongside the suspensions of all school activities have affected many students both physically and mentally. There are no promises that there will not be any more cancelations.

However, TUSD is still trying to incorporate ways to allow the learning to continue. Through online resources and the help of staff members, TUSD will discover methods to maintain the connection between the students and the school campus.

There are 53 COVID-19 cases in Orange County, and 1,001 total in California as of March 19, according to the L.A. Times.

It has been officially recommended for residents to “self-quarantine” themselves by staying home, with San Francisco having a legitimate lockdown where individuals can only leave their home for grocery shopping purposes. 

With COVID-19 patients increasing in number, more changes will occur, and it is important to stay updated.