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A guide to Supercell’s ‘Clash Royale’

“Clash Royale” is a mobile game that you can download for free and requires little data or space to install and is available for all types of mobile devices. It’s a very famous mobile game and it’s very fun to play although sometimes when you go against another person it can trigger you a bit because of how they play.

When you download it you start with a tutorial that starts you in the practice battles. There are like three to five practice battles and then you go to the the first arena to battle other players online and winning is very important because you get trophies when you win but you also lose trophies when you lose a battle.

There are 13 arenas with every arena having their own set of people and their own unique decorations in the arena and it’s own set of trophies in order to be in there.

The first arena is given to you once you complete the tutorial but after that the second arena requires 300 trophies. The number of trophies increase based on the each arena. The last arena, which is the thirteenth arena, requires 4,000 trophies.

Once you get to the last arena there are still more things to get to do. When you get to arena 13, there are 10 leagues after that. The first league, which is called “Challenger 1,”  is given to you once you get to arena 13 which is 4,000 trophies.

Since the first league is given for free, to get the second league, “Challenger 2,” requires 4,300 trophies. The last one, which is the tenth league “Ultimate Champion,” requires 7,000 trophies.

When you win a match you gain 20 to 35 trophies, but when you lose, you lose 20 to 30 trophies unless you grind to the 13th arena for 4,000 trophies because that’s when you enter the leagues. Once you’re in the leagues, you get 25 to 35 trophies when you win and lose 10 to 15 trophies when you lose.

The best twist to getting to the last arena is that you should never drop any lower because once you get to arena 13, you will forever stay there and it doesn’t matter if you have 4,001 trophies and lose a match because you would only lose one trophy there since you can’t go lower than arena 13.

There are also chests that you get as prizes and even events that happen once in a while. There is even a 2v2 mode where it’s two players versus two other players and there are 92 cards which you get by unlocking in certain arenas — each one has its own abilities and differences.

The cards in the game are basically the troops you use in your battles even though some of the cards are buildings that defend your side and to get them you open chest that you get from winning and if you get the same card again you can end up leveling them up to max level.

Try your best and don’t rage because then you can’t concentrate and you will lose more. Remember to have fun playing this and good luck.