Digital artist and Augustus F. Hawkins High School senior Kinsley Ramos titled this image "Saving Myself." Her photos can be found on her Instagram @k.nsley. (Photo illustration by Kinsley Ramos)
Augustus F. Hawkins High School

Opinion: The beauty of digital art

One day in 7th grade, I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw this girl on my explore page with six clones of herself. I thought it was so amazing. It was wild. I was like, “I wanna to do that.”

So I remade some of her edits. It was very difficult, so I searched for people that do the same art as her. I looked on YouTube for tutorials, and looked for fan accounts to see if I’d learn something. I still do them to this day, and I really enjoy making these images. I get so much compliments and it encourages me to do more.

I didn’t even know what this type of art was called until I took a digital art class in 11th grade. In the third picture I snapped some pictures outside of my house after I took those pictures I open up an app on my phone called the Picart and insert the picture of me sticking out my foot.

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On the app, I added stickers of flames to my foot to seem that I was on fire, I added smoke by my hair to seem like I was burning and then add lava to the floor so it could look more realistic. After that, I save the picture to my gallery then I post it on Instagram.

I think everyone should try digital imaging.

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…”

This photo edit was inspired by Superman. (Photo illustration by Kinsley Ramos)

So what inspired me to do this? I really like Superman. Recently, I watched “Superman versus Batman: Dawn of Justice,” and Superman was so dope, but (spoiler alert) he ended up dying — so sad. I took this picture at Taco Bell with the help of my friend Seidy. She snapped the picture of me taking a picture of the tree, and that was all I needed. Then I went home and found a picture of myself jumping.

Then, I turned the image to make me look like I was flying and then I placed the cape on my back and added it to this picture. I really enjoyed creating this edit. I even posted it on Instagram and got 400 likes, not a lot but I hope to get more.

“Rainy Days”

“Rainy Days” (Photo illustration by Kinsley Ramos)

On Nov. 15, 2018, it was raining and I think I saw some lightning. I was on my way to my little cousin’s elementary school when it started sprinkling. Then, as soon as I got there, the rain started to pour out of nowhere. That sparked a thought in my mind to do a rain edit. I really like this one because it is different from what I usually do. 

“Saving Myself”

This photo edit called “Saving Myself” was inspired by another photo on Instagram. (Photo illustration by Kinsley Ramos)

A picture I saw on Instagram inspired this photo edit. There is an image of a little woman carrying a large man, but the photo was edited to make him look smaller. I was inspired because it was different and you rarely see images like that. And, because I really like fire and flames I added my own flare — no pun intended. People are always asking me if this kind of editing is difficult, but not to me. I’ve been doing this since seventh grade.

“Have you ever seen a demon?”

This photo edit was inspired by Halloween. (Photo illustration by Kinsley Ramos)

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I decided to make myself into a demon/devil. I really like fire — half of my pictures on Instagram have fire. I took this picture at John Muir Middle School and my cousin helped me take this picture. This is one of my favorite edits — it’s scary and Halloween is scary.