Players were shocked to see major dent to the nose cone after disembarking. (Photo courtesy of twitter: Steven Adams/Josh Huestis)
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NBA Oklahoma City Thunder midair bird strike

On CNN I saw a picture of a random plane that reminded me of another plane I saw on CNN with a dented nose cone. This incident occurred in October, 2017 when the Oklahoma Thunder NBA team’s plane “crashed with a bird” in mid-air.

The “bird” hit the nose, the front part of the plane and it left a gigantic dent in the plane. I didn’t think it was possible for a bird to cause that much damage to a plane even with the plane’s speed. According to “In-flight damage to nose cones is not unheard of, with lightning and hailstones being blamed in past incidents on Boeing 757s.”
There are many different types of birds so it is actually possible for me to believe this could happen, now.


by Christopher Alencastro