(Photo by Lili Rodriguez)
Augustus F. Hawkins High School

Opinion: A big prom day — music, food and friends

Promenade, most commonly known as a prom, is one single night that high schoolers get to enjoy with all of their friends from school and they are suppose to have the time of their lives.

High school students who purchase a ticket experience a night at a very nice venue with music and with food provided.

Tickets were $125 for Augustus F. Hawkins’ prom on May 10 at the beautiful, neoned Hotel Maya in Long Beach with a beach view, and both inside and outside seating. 

The prom started at 7 p.m., and when I got there it was like a dream come true. I was so excited as soon as my date and I pulled up to the gate where the red carpet awaited.

We walked on top of it and went through the entrance where we meet up with our amazing friends. We went in, first thing we did was sit at our table then went to the table where the food was at. They served us salad, chicken, garlic bread, and pasta. The food was splendid as well as the drinks, they had cold lemonade, cold fruit punch, and also cold water.

After the food, the night got even better. Reason being, the music. The music the DJ started playing — we were all feeling it. As soon as YG’s song started playing, everyone got up to dance. After about an hour of dancing and singing the DJ stopped when it was finally time to announce our king and queen.

The queen and king for Community Health Advocate School were Tatiana and Earl, the queen and king for Responsible Indigenous Sustainable Entrepreneurs were Adriana and Semajay, and for Critical Design and Gaming School were Brenda and Pedro. After they announced our kings and queens we kept having fun and doing what we do best — party and have fun. All in all, May 10 was a night for the books and it was like an amazing and exciting movie.

Augustus F. Hawkins English teacher Alyssa Moore, left, and senior Katherine Baltazar, right. (Photo courtesy of Katherine Baltazar)