From Pinterest:
Augustus F. Hawkins High School

Poem: KV

You’re distracting me,
waiting when I am unsure that you are what’s good for me
or if I deserve you.

Success, do you deserve the best
or to move on to what’s next?
Hard to focus even when you’re always in your own zone
or even when you’re alone.

All Black because you feel like an outsider,
when really all you are is different.

when really as long as you have knowledge
it is impossible for you to feel vacant
when that is the best thing you can have.

Things to make you feel a way that you should not,
ways that you feel that you can not control,
ways of life.

You never know what exactly is next
so you live life like flipping a coin or rolling dice.
Knowledge forever, vacant like you don’t have a thing
when really you got it.

Knowledge separates you from all of them.
You are different KV.