"The Beginning and After" sketched by Andrew (Image courtesy of Andy Garcia)
Augustus F. Hawkins High School

‘The beginning and after’ — an artist’s journey

One’s life story can vary and have similar conflicts, decisions, ups and downs but sooner or later death will come and that is something that everybody will face. The sketch “The Beginning and After” demonstrates one side of a face that can describe a person’s life and the other side can be described as fate or the inevitable end of life.

“The Beginning and After” was sketched by Andrew, a student artist who asked to be referred to by his first name only.

How can we find inspiration and what can be considered a source of motivation? The source of one’s inspiration and motivation can come from those that are or were around us. For Andrew, that would be his former best friend, Ingrid.

“At first I saw one of her sketches, and then I asked if she could teach me,” Andrew said. 

She taught him how to sketch, draw and inspired him to become an artist. However, when they went their separate ways, he stopped drawing. Soon after, she inspired Andrew to sketch again, he said.

Andrew did not have a particular motive for this sketch, and said it was an idea that he saw online either on DeviantArt or Instagram. He said he wanted to reconstruct it in his own style because its dark eccentricity caught his attention.

His particular taste and art style was what caught my attention and the motive for writing this article. Andrew is a temperamental artist who draws and sketches whenever he feels like or is motivated, he said. Hopefully, soon we see what he has in store for us in the future.

“The Beginning and After” sketched by Andrew (Image courtesy of Andy Garcia)