East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Geovanny Huerta

Geovanny Huerta a young teenager soon to be an adult who someday aspires to live in a luxurious home with a career revolving around the study of behaviors. He's known for being a hard-worker, recognized as an upstanding friend too many at the school, and demonstrates involvement in his education. Now Geovanny venture off to seek for a challenge that was worthy of completing and he found it in doing the LA Marathon. He secured the completion of this challenge by crossing the 26.2 miles finish line at the end of the marathon. According to Geovanny this challenges only test one dedication for prepping but most importantly the amount of discipline for the hellish 26.2 miles. Running assisted on the development of Geovanny's characteristic traits being courageous , persistent, and most importantly the happiness that occurs through the adrenaline that runs through his veins when running through the dirt road that lies ahead. Currently Geovanny has a passion for running that makes him respected by many of the runner's in the cross country team and whoever he encounters along his life. For the future, Geovanny's mindset is submitting his college admission to UC Irvine and cheering her sister in her first ever marathon.