East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy


I came to East Los Angeles about 2 years ago, right now I live in between Boyle Heights and east la. When I first came to this area I was always paranoid because I had heard about the street gangs and I had always been paranoid of getting robbed but it turns out it is not as bad as I thought. I have lived in East Los Angeles for 2 years but it feels a lot longer than that. When I first came to east la my first thought of my community was how dirty it is. My community was not as diverse, you mostly see Latinos but now I see more African America people walking around. What I like about my community is the culture and the little Mexican food restaurants. I also like when I am walking around and I see a taco spot (you see them in every corner) but that’s cool because you can grab a quick bite. There are also respadomen walking and also a churro guy everyone knows about, I always laugh when I see the churro guy because he is all over the place. The community I live in has some pretty good smells like the bakeries for example they give off a really good odor. There are some spots in my community that have distinct odors that I cannot explain but have a foul odor, it might be from some of the animal carcasses is see lying on the side of the roads or sidewalks. Sometimes I think about the way people treat the community and I wish I can do something about it so the place we call home will not be a dirty place to live in. throughout these couple of years I have met some pretty awesome people. I am very happy that I consider them my friends. Over all I really like East la no matter how this place is, I am glad I can say I live in East Los Angeles.