East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy


Ana Zacapala, a student who attends Esteban E Torres High school .Ana was born in México. She comes from a family of immigrants. At a young age her family decided to move to the U.S when she was only one year old. Ever since then she’s lived in the U.S, Ana is Bilingual since her parents speak mostly Spanish and speaks English in school. Her parents separated when she was only six years old. Her life at 17 hasn’t been always great but she tried her best every single day. Since she was small, she loved to do lots of arts and crafts. She liked dancing and singing and made her parents watch her performances but throughout the years things changed. Now she prefers to hang out with her friends and go to the beach, go to the arcade, and do other interesting things. One of the biggest goals she has, is to attend a 4 year college and became a pediatrician or an elementary school Teacher. A pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in children only. Ana has always loved being around kids and wants to help kids. She baby sited before for her Tia’s kids, her siblings, and sometimes her mom’s friend’s children. Her experience with kids has made her more prepare for the job of her dreams. In the future she hopes to achieve her goal and make her family proud but most importantly make herself proud. Lastly she wants to get a degree in Cosmetology. Doing hair and makeup is another thing she enjoys doing. At times she gets paid to do makeup and hair for other people such as family members and family member’s friends. She wants to do this as a part time job, while she attends college since it only takes about 1 year. She can get a job in a hair salon and pay for her bills while she attends college. Ana zacapala hopes to achieve all her goals and became a better person day by day with the help of the people surrounding her. She can make her dreams happen if she puts her mind to it. Ana would also be the first of the family to graduate from high school and she hopes to be the first one to also graduate college and earn a degree and succeed more than her parents have.