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Opinion: The benefits of social media

Social media is a popular place for people to interact with each other by commenting on friends’ stories and pictures or posting something themselves. There are many benefits by using social media, such as gaining new knowledge, meeting buddies, and even getting useful tips or advice. Social media is a platform for users to share their stories and opinions worldwide.

As technology thrives, social media does too. When friends, movie stars, popular influence, and such all post their thoughts on social media, you can’t resist to try it out too. As you scroll through all the popular tweets and stories, you gain more knowledge and even a funny joke or two. You could become famous when you gain fame by posting something ridiculously funny or interesting that catches everyone’s eye. Social media can enable you to see the world through different people’s eyes.

For users who want to have a sense of privacy, they can choose to have a private account where they have control over who sees their posts and also be anonymous. With this ability people tend to be more open with their thoughts and opinions because they don’t need to be aware of other’s judgements. Creativity is also a huge part of social media. Having a creative and unique post makes you stand out among your peers. Before social media, people would only make things for themselves. Now, we can upload our thoughts for everyone to see.

Everyone feels depressed sometimes, but social media could actually help you feel better! Social media can play a part in your emotions by increasing your dopamine, or your “happy” hormones.

According to CNN, scientific “studies have shown that getting “likes” for posts actually results in a release of dopamine.” You cheer up when you tap into a social media app to see that you have gained more followers and likes. Kind and encouraging comments can also help you cheer up. As a fun platform, it helps us connect with more people and more interests.

Social media has become a huge part of our modern world. It is one of the quickest way to get news and even save lives. If someone lost their beloved pet, they could just send an image of their pet and ask if anyone saw it. It is a simple way to ask for help and receive it. Social media enables you to access information all around the globe in just one quick swipe.