Beverly Hills High School

Beverly students coach in Beverly Hills Basketball League

With the varsity basketball team dribbling their way to the CIF playoffs, basketball has been an even bigger topic in this school than usual. But besides the team players and school coaches, there are some students who find themselves integrated into the sport extracurricularly.

According to their website, the goal of this organization is to create a fun and positive experience for all of their players, fans and volunteers. Self esteem, self-confidence, positive moral character, good sportsmanship, and teamwork are only a few of the many qualities the Beverly Hills Basketball League (BHBL) brings out in players.

Numerous students and school basketball players have partaken in BHBL, but coaching a team is an impressive upgrade only a select few have been able to achieve. Not only is it exhausting work, both coaches and players must meet at least once a week to practice and later on compete against each other.

Making plays, helping the players improve their skills and making sure everyone is enjoying themselves are only some of the few things coaches must do. These students, however, are responsible for the tasks that come with coaching alongside the tasks they must accomplish for school.

Sophomore Sophia Goldberg is only of the few students who find themselves juggling basketballs and clipboards along with their schoolwork.

“Coaching BHBL has taught me great things about time management. The games are in the afternoon, and the practices are usually an hour before,” Goldberg said. “It helps me stay active in the early morning and allows me to start studying early so I don’t fall behind or mess up my circadian rhythm.”

Goldberg has started coaching this past winter season, but has played in BHBL for eight years and has been on the girls basketball team for two years. Her father has been coaching in BHBL for about ten years and has taken his daughter under his layup-shooting wing.

“I love coaching because it helps me connect with my family in yet another aspect,” Goldberg said.

Senior Daniel Bina has been coaching BHBL for the past two years. Though two years doesn’t seem like a long time, he has been involved in BHBL for the past 12 years and has loved every second of it. This season, he is in charge of managing the Clippers in the senior division.

However, this is not Bina’s first encounter with BHBL, let alone basketball. Bina has been infatuated with the sort, playing on numerous club teams and Beverly’s teams for two years.

“I love coaching the team. Watching them succeed is always an amazing sight,” Bina said.

Being a coach for BHBL not only takes patience and perseverance, but it also requires a handful of skill and experience, both physically on the court and educationally off the court.

Though it may seem like this sport takes a large amount of Goldberg’s time, Bina’s and other student-coaches’ vital time, Bina has expressed that coaching has not only helped him in the field of the sport, but also in the field of existence.

“I’ve learned from coaching that effort is one the most important things,” Bina said. “Whether it be about basketball, school or life.”