Beverly Hills High School

Next Gen Vest aspires to bring business to Beverly

Next Gen Vest, a business-oriented club led by Beverly Hills High School senior Evan Nehmadi, is returning for its second year. Nehmadi and his older brother, Aaron (Class of 2016), started in the 2015-2016 school year due to their dual interest in business. However, this year, Evan is determined to change the club’s program by introducing a guest speaker series related to business.

According to their website, Next Gen Vest’s mission is to save students time and money with their biggest financial decisions, such making college more affordable.

Evan first got involved with Next Gen Vest during his junior year. A mixed passion and curiosity for business are what attracted him to start his own club.

“I felt the best way to express my passions for business and real estate was to start a club with my older brother, and to invite the leaders of various industries to come in and advise students how to get started in the world of business,” Evan said.

As of now, Next Gen Vest has over 50 members. Evan hopes that his guest speakers are what it will take to bolster membership in the club.

“We will often have a guest speaker come in to talk about his or her occupation and to answer any questions from our members,” Evan said.

Evan aims to bring in speakers from all corners of the business world who can provide some insight about what their day-to-day lives are in their specific profession.

“The speakers are there to inspire and encourage students who have a passion in business to get involved and get an inside look into the lives of successful real-estate businessmen, wealth managers, brokers and other business professionals” he said.

In their first meeting, Evan brought in Robert Hunter, Vice President of Investments at Republic Investments, a real estate investment and development firm.

“This is the first time I’ve spoke in front of a group of young kids. I’ve done some mentorships, but this is the first large-scale thing I’ve done. Regardless of this being my first time, everyone was respectful, they asked good questions. They seemed inquisitive,” Hunter said. “They have bright futures. You can tell when you listen to a group of kids what kind of future they are going to have and I can tell that these kids are going to have bright futures.”

Senior Nathaniel Anavim, a member of Next Gen Vest, found the meeting to be quite “insightful” about what the world of business has to offer.

“I heard there was going to be an actual business professional at the meeting so I thought, ‘Why not give it a try?’ To hear Robert speak was very insightful. He spoke to us not only about the work he does, but that path that he took to get there, which was very interesting,” Anavim said. “I highly recommend the club for anyone, regardless of whether or not they are going to pursuit a business degree. It is important for anyone, in any profession to have a solid understanding of what business entails and how it works.”