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‘Screamo’ is real music

Screamo. Probably the most underrated, misjudged genre in the expanding world of music. Also known as metalcore, screamo is a subgenre combination of metal and emo that has been on the rise since the early 1990s. Since it first began, the infamous controversy is and will always be whether screamo has the right to be referred to as “music”. Well, if those redundant DJ Snake songs with less than 15 words and the prepubescent elevator hymns of One Direction can be considered music, so can this.

Most listeners of this specific genre get a wide range of judgmental response from their friends who don’t share their music taste. “Turn that off!”, “You listen to this?”, “This is music?” and a personal favorite, “What are they even saying?!”  

First misconception: it’s all screaming, there are no words. Many, many words in fact, considering that they are actual songs and not recordings of different pieces of silverware in blenders. In many occasions actually, only the verses are screamed while the choruses are sung. And unlike those top-tens on the radio, the lyrics have more meaning than scoring chicks.

And that ties in with the second misconception: it’s undeniably Satanic and always about death. Since screamo is a form of expression, it’s considered to be more meaningful and emotional than what time of day Calvin Harris can blame his decisions on. And to shatter the rumor once and for all, screamo isn’t Satanic. Some of the worldly famous bands are in fact Christian bands, such as The Devil Wears Prada and Blessthefall.  

Third misconception: it’s nothing special, anyone can scream. Please, amuse the screamo genre audience and attempt to give your best renowned Danny Worsnop growl, or a skin crawling Danny Filth screech. Without the right technique and constant practice, one is surely at risk of seriously damaging their throat and vocal chords. The first rule of screaming is that the noise comes from the diaphragm, not the throat. In an attempt to scream, place your hand on your neck. If you feel a vibration, you’re doing it wrong.

One necessary point that must be mentioned is that just like every music genre out there, there are several bad screamo songs. There’s a wide range of songs that mimic Bring Me The Horizon’s album “Count Your Blessings” in the sense that even when you’re staring at the lyrics, it’s incomprehensible. One has to find the right band for them and choose the perfect song. If everyone formed their opinions on male singers based on “Baby” by Justin Bieber, there wouldn’t be a masculine voice on the radio.

So, when you’re finally tired of listening to how hot Bruno Mars thinks he is, who Big Sean doesn’t f**k with, and what A$AP Rocky’s f*****g problem is, take a chance. Give yourself a little test. The next time you somehow happen to find yourself listening to a screamo song, attempt to open your ears and mind to make out some meaningful lyrics instead of laughing and convincing yourself that all you hear is “RAAAAWRDEATHRAAWR.”