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Opinion: The art of walking — how Normans are doing it wrong

(Photo by Guy Ginsberg)

The art of walking is one that is understood at quite a young age and is perfected rather quickly during adolescence. If done correctly, walking serves the purpose of getting someone from one place to another, to put it simply. However, if done incorrectly, walking can not only be a hinderance to the walker, but a nuisance to other walkers.

At a young age, one is able to gather the strength, balance and courage to walk, a feat that rarely goes unapplauded. However, while not an excellent walker in their own right, has years to perfect their strides before anyone will really be affected, or annoyed, by her missteps.

However, what is both shocking and terrifying to me is the fact that a large portion of Beverly students, who have been walking for at least 75 percent of their lives, have simply no idea how to be a caring pedestrian. What I’m talking about is the art of generous walking, the kind that makes walking around the hallways easy for those around us.

The Rule of the Right

Cellular Pedestrianism

The Rule of Threes

The Meetup

These are some of the problems that Beverly’s generous walkers face every day. We all see these things going on in the halls and staircases and we are all bothered by it. However, for those few that have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about or have never witnessed a case of selfish walking, congratulations, you are a selfish walker.

However, if you can relate to what you have read here, then that means that you are most likely a generous walker, strolling your way from class to class, just trying to keep your cool every time you swerve out the way of a “cellular pedestrian”, get halted by an unexpected meetup, or need to suffer through a left/right conundrum on the Science Building stairs. But if there is anything to take away from your phenomenal pedestrianism, it’s that you can take solace in knowing you are always one step ahead.

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