Beverly Hills High School

The band that never loses

When attending a Beverly Hills football game, a few obvious things stand out. The team lacks luster, boasting a 1-8 overall record so far in 2015, the cheerleaders are peppy and pretty, frolicking along the sidelines showing their support and the stands are barren. However, if by some misfortune you end up stranded at a Beverly Hills High School (BHHS) football game, too afraid to watch the destruction probably taking place on the field, pay attention to the marching band, and in particular, the drumline.

A diamond in the rough, the drumline never fails to impress. The BHHS drumline can oft be seen para-diddling their way through fight songs and pop hits, always creating pep and spirit along the way. But year in and year out, the drumline is overlooked, failing to receive the recognition it deserves. But their devotion to increasing hype for a squandering football program remains unchanged.

“If there’s one thing about band which I love… it’s that band never loses. So, even if our team is 0-49, which we always are… band always wins,” bass captain Brandon Lee said.