‘Beast Mode’ hangs up the cleats

Seattle Seahawks running back and possible future hall of famer Marshawn Lynch recently announced his retirement on Super Bowl Sunday. During the game between the Broncos and Panthers, the usually quiet Lynch tweeted a picture of a pair of cleats hanging up with the “peace sign” emoji. After many speculations, Lynch’s agent then confirmed to the media that Lynch hung up the cleats and is possibly on the road to Canton.

Lynch was a two-time 1,000-yard running back at Buffalo before he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks in the 2010 season. In the playoffs against the then defending Super Bowl champion New Orelans Saints, Lynch broke what could be argued as the greatest run of all time. Breaking six tackles and being highlighted by the furious stiff arm he gave Saints defensive back Tracy Porter. The run was so powerful seismic activity was recorded near Qwest Field (now named Century Link Field). Dubbed the “Beast Quake” Lynch would continue to prove his nickname as “Beast Mode” throughout the rest of his quiet yet loud career.

After trucking defenders for the next five seasons, Lynch earned Pro Bowl honors four of those seasons. Lynch’s final three seasons saw him reach the super bowl twice, winning the first and losing the second on the Malcolm Butler interception, where the Seahawks decided to pass the ball instead of handing it off to arguably the best running back in the game that season.

Lynch was known for the noise he brought to stadiums with his electric runs but in reality he was a quiet individual. Lynch does not enjoy talking to the media; he has been known to give one word answers and was even been fined by the NFL for his refusal to talk to the media. Although Lynch has been an enigma to the media and league all together, there’s no doubting he is one of the best to carry the ball. While Lynch may not be one to voice his opinion a lot, but he’s been quoted saying “I’m just bout that action boss”.

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