Bishop Alemany High School

Opinion: What you say and what it should do

The opinions of a wide variety of entertainers, from celebrities to political figures, are worthwhile and demonstrate a great need and dedication to promoting or refuting what is currently occurring in our society.

We all have a voice and opinions about a specific issue that impacts our day-to-day living, which we would prefer to be changed.

However, most of these opinions do not foster proper democratic values because there is usually no basis for the statement. It is up to all of us to use our voice to seek change in our society that would positively benefit all of us in a manner that is not detrimental to our way of life.

We must recognize if our comment is valid or merely opinions with no evidence to support. Democratic values are increased because people are staying involved, but are not worthwhile if they do not encourage constructive reform.  

Taking the time to discuss different topics shows urgency and that people care about what is happening in their nation. Democratic values are fundamental beliefs and principles in our current society, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Numerous opinions are not provoking change because they are speaking just to say something. With an increasing climate of issues, like immigration, homelessness, unemployment and affordable energy, we cannot become bystanders because we placed more importance on something insignificant rather than an economic crisis.

Often times, popular magazines, weblogs and celebrities take a stance on a variety of topics in order to increase their popularity, conveying no significance. The expression of opinions from different political figures, entertainers, and citizens does not foster democratic values as long as society is aware that the opinions they hear are simply opinions, nothing more. At most, they help informally educate society by making them aware of different situations which causes a spark of interest to form urges for more information.

Every individual has a right to an opinion, many times a simple opinion blooms into a great change, however, it is important to remain educated and respectful when delivering opinions in order to be worthwhile.

There are many resources and platforms available such as Twitter and YouTube, that allow people to voice their solid opinion to create change. An opinion may have a drastic impact so it is important to voice a concrete opinion that will produce an influential response that demonstrates the values you have been given and the research you have done.