Bishop Alemany High School

The beginning of a wild adventure

Beginning my day by looking at my phone noticing that it’s 6:30 a.m. knowing I have time to sleep and suddenly realizing seconds later that it’s 7:50 a.m. reminds me that it’s back to school yet again. Considering I only got five hours of sleep, I run to my bathroom, wash my face, put my uniform on, and shove everything into my backpack in record time.

Although it’s back to school and I’m late, the hardest part of my morning is asking one of my family members to drive me to school. Being that both of my siblings already graduated from high school I would expect them to have some sympathy. Once my mother finally decides to drive me to school because no one else will, I’m greeted by the fluctuating traffic on Sepulveda Boulevard.

I surprisingly arrive at school on time only to realize that I’ve made it through two years of high school and only two more to go. Why not make this a great year.

   (Photo Courtesy of Bishop Alemany High School)

As I walk to the gym I’m welcomed by the smiling faces of my friends and I hug them right away, despite having no contact with them over the summer. Once we got our schedules we compared them right away only to discover that all of our classes are separated from one another. Before we could say anything the bell rang sending us all in different directions.

As the day continues I arrive at my AP United States History class where I’m overwhelmed with all the challenges I have ahead of me. My teacher notices my saddened attitude and tells me that life’s an adventure in which we must enjoy every second. At that moment I knew that I couldn’t begin the start of something new in such a disappointing way.

When I got out of class I immediately went to my friend and told them about how excited I was to start this new school year. How I don’t want to waste this school year because I know that I’ll confront challenges that will test my limits.

Whenever I find myself at such a high point in my life I’m back at square one. Back to the sophomore that had everything in place and was sure that any outcome would be a successful one. Despite feeling so assured about whats to come I feel that it’s better to let life do it’s job and accept the difficulties on the way. Life is full of curiosity and adventures only a glance away so why not explore them.

I’m not completely sure what my junior year of high school might have in store for me, but I do know that each day will be a new great adventure.