Bonita High School

Bearcats drop second game in a row to Tartans

Bonita High School’s football team ended their two-game homestand with a loss to Glendora, 34-19.

This week involved intense practices for the team to bounce back from last week’s loss to Claremont. The gameplan for Glendora was similar to Claremont’s because both teams are a rush-based offense.

“[Our plan] is to go fast like we always do because a lot of teams can’t really handle how fast we go because they get really tired and we’re better conditioned than they are,” said senior offensive lineman Baylee Smith.

Defensively, we’re trying to stop their run and mostly keep their quarterback behind the line [of scrimmage]. He could be a major threat to us,” said senior defensive linebacker Cameron Liscano.

“We’re studying their [defensive] fronts and trying to perfect ours,” junior Chase Niese added.

After suffering a blowout last year against Glendora, the team was hoping not to repeat the same mistakes.

“Last year, going back to that, we kind of all got that week of practice pretty badly. We didn’t really focus [last year] and this year we’re trying to focus more and not let them run the score up on us,” said Liscano.

The game was not taken lightly by the players this time around.

“I’ve been asking for faster guys to go against me [in practice drills] so I get a better understanding of what I’m actually doing,” said Smith.

The game started off with a touchdown drive by Glendora, which put the pressure on Bonita.

Bonita struggled to get first downs for the rest of the quarter. Glendora responded again with another touchdown to end the quarter, 14-0.

Bonita started off the second quarter by moving the chains. Glendora decided to stop the drive by intercepting Bonita senior quarterback Tanner East’s pass after three minutes of possession time. Glendora went to 24-0 after the interception.

Glendora fumbled the ball from a bad snap but recovered it and scored seven seconds later. Bonita responded and senior Brandon Bradshaw went in for the touchdown. Bearcats were on the board with six points after the kick was blocked.

Bonita attempted to score some more in the quarter but the referees made some questionable calls, and Bonita had to pay for them. Frustration filled the team as the first half ended with Bonita down by 25 points.

The second half looked promising as Glendora committed numerous mistakes and lost yards from false start calls. The only issue was they ate up the clock by doing this. Bonita looked amazing on their next possession with a long receiving touchdown caught by senior B.J. McLaurin. McLaurin had 112 receiving yards for this game.

The third quarter ended with Glendora up, 31-13.

Bonita gained good field position in their next drive but their field goal kick was no good. The Bearcats came back from that and recovered the ball after Glendora fumbled a punt return. Bonita decided to use the Wildcat play (where someone other than the quarterback throws the ball) and junior Logan Zylstra got the touchdown. They went for the two-point conversion but it was incomplete with Bonita down at 31-19.

The defense stepped up in Glendora’s next drive and forced them to a field goal. Less than two minutes remained and Bonita had a chance to score more points.

With 39 seconds left on the clock, East’s pass was intercepted and all hopes of scoring were diminished.

Bonita is now 5-2 and will face South Hills next.