Bonita High School

High school revolves around sports 


No one likes to admit it, but let’s face the facts, high school does indeed revolve around sports.
Students rarely hear about what is going on in art, drama, dance and many other teams and activities on the Bonita campus.

One of our main resources to hear about what is happening on campus are the announcements. However, all they talk about are the upcoming sports games, who won a game recently, and when are sports tryouts.

This not only pertains to high school, but it’s also embedded in our modern American society.

“Color guard had a competition recently and it wasn’t even in the announcement,” said junior Danni Beserino, who has been in color guard for three years.

Choir and band are some of our best teams on campus, yet we haven’t heard what they’re doing.

At pep rallies, the cheerleaders are always performing, why don’t we have choir perform for a change?

“Some sports are more popular than other activities on campus, but that doesn’t mean high school revolves around sports,” said senior Sarah Quintana, who is on the varsity field hockey team and track.

Why is it that sports like baseball and football are more popular than drama and dance? Well, the main reason is because our school is constantly promoting, and talking about these sports. How are other activities at Bonita supposed to become popular and gain recognition when the school simply doesn’t take the time to appreciate them?

There are many other teams at Bonita who work just as hard and as much as any athlete and yet they are still not appreciated, nor are they recognized.

For example, the debate team has gone to various tournaments and not one has been promoted. They practice 2-3 times a week for two hours and not even can the school wish them luck before their tournaments, like they do for sports.

“Debate is definitely not appreciated as a team on the Bonita campus,” said junior Nick Rodelo, who is a captain on the debate team.

Not everyone was born with athletic abilities, but they were born with other talents. These talents are not any less special than those of sports, therefore, they should also be valued and acknowledged.

“I think it sucks how if you have a letter on your letterman’s jacket for a sport you are cool but if you only have one for choir it’s seen as being lame” said junior Phoebe Melanson, who has been in choir since the fourth grade.

If people take the time to go to different events like a choir concert, a drama production, or an art show, they might see that it could be as fun or as interesting as a sports game.

Bearcats should learn to step out of their comfort zone, and not constantly go to the same sports event that every person goes to. The school also needs to do their job in promoting different events that happen other than sporting events.

High school needs to stop revolving around sports. Yes sports are important, but so is the arts, the debate team, band, and many other teams and talents on our campus.

–Haili Ayala